Colleges with the Best Career Services 2024

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As the world grows more complex, employers are looking for workers who can remain dedicated, competent, and reliable in the face of new challenges. Thankfully, we have found excellent colleges and universities that make it a point to create the exact kind of employees that are needed today. The colleges listed below are in tune with the ever-changing job market and prepare students to meet demands through one-on-one counseling to search for a job; résumé, cover letter, and interview assistance to apply to a job; and comprehensive access to internships and other real-world experiences to prepare for a job. Our Career Development Colleges of Distinction does not just have a career services office on campus; they integrate future careers into the present curriculum.

Integrated Career Exploration: Students are introduced to the campus’ career services resources as early as the first year and are encouraged to utilize them throughout their four years, not just 6 months before graduation.

Accessible Programs and Training: Students have access to counseling and resources that will help chart the right path to their career. They are planning and preparing for their industry long before entering the post-graduate workforce.

Career-Centered Staff: Members of the career services staff are trained and experienced to help students navigate the application processes specific to different industries. They understand how to create the best résumé, how to look for a relevant job and internship, and how to conduct oneself in an interview.

Assessments: Students have access to assessments that help them identify their strengths, interests, and professional goals. Career Services staff work with students to develop a four-year plan that will help them realize these goals.

Employer Relations: Members of the career services staff cultivate employer relations and corporate partnerships to increase access to job and internship opportunities.

These 2023-2024 Career Development Colleges of Distinction have all been vetted and recognized for their superior ability to think ahead about how their students will succeed after they graduate.

The Career Development Colleges of Distinction for 2024


Davenport University

New Hampshire