Nominate a School

Do you know of a college or university that deserves Colleges of Distinction’s national recognition? Well, we want to know about it, too!

All across the country, amazing colleges are changing lives and making an extraordinary impact on their students and surrounding communities. And yet, we only ever hear about the elite few who rank as the “nation’s best colleges.” 

We at Colleges of Distinction know that higher education can’t be simplified to cold statistics. Four years at a university make all the difference in the connections one makes, the worldview one develops, and the goals they create and achieve—how can you sum up such a formative part of a student’s life with a single number? 

No one school is the right fit for everyone. That’s why we analyze schools one by one, looking into the actual academic experience and everyday goings-on at each institution. There are great degrees and great schools hidden in plain sight, and it’s our goal to highlight the ones that value the individual. Our rigorous selection process includes quantitative and qualitative research, helping students narrow down their college search to the programs fit for their goals and their future career.

Colleges and universities are awarded Colleges of Distinction’s recognition after being nominated by graduates, school faculty and administrators, current students, and even members of our own team. We ask that a school receive 2 nominations before we vet them according to our selection criteria.

Help us help the next generation of college students—nominate a school today! Fill out this nomination form or pass it along to fellow colleagues, students, or alumni. With your nomination, we can help connect students with the right school for them.

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