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Lyon College

Batesville, Arkansas

Founded in 1872 by local Presbyterians, Lyon College is a small, private liberal arts college located in the scenic Arkansas Ozarks. One of the oldest colleges in Arkansas, it boasts a rich history and Scottish heritage. And with 18 majors and 25 minors, numerous pre-professional programs, and an option to develop an individualized major, Lyon offers its students a liberal arts education that meets a broad variety of career goals. Ninety-eight percent of graduates are employed or pursuing graduate school within six months of graduation.


Additionally, Lyon offers opportunities to travel internationally, conduct research, and experience nature with its outdoor adventure program, LEAP. Lyon is also the first and only pet-friendly campus in the state.



Student Profile

Fall 2017 Enrollment
664 undergraduate students
98% of undergrad students are full time
56% male — 44% female
33% of students are from out of state

Faculty Profile

2017-2018 Academic Year
43 full-time faculty
14 part-time faculty
14 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio

Residence Life

Fall 2017
89% of first-year students live on campus
70% of all students live on campus

School Location

Lyon is located in Batesville, Arkansas, a community of about 10,000 that serves as a commercial, governmental, and cultural hub for the surrounding region. Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains on the beautiful White River, this historic city, platted in 1821, provides a safe and welcoming setting for the College and its students. Its main street offers restaurants, farmers’ markets, and small art galleries. Batesville is approximately an hour and a half northeast of Little Rock and two hours west of Memphis, TN.

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High-Impact Practices

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First-Year Seminars and Experiences X
Common Intellectual Experiences  
Learning Communities  
Writing-Intensive Courses X
Collaborative Assignments and Projects X
Undergraduate Research X
Diversity/Global Learning  
Service-Learning, Community-Based Learning X
Internships/Coops/Practicums X
Capstone Courses and Projects/Senior Experience X


62% of students began in Fall 2016 and returned in Fall 2017 (full-time, first-time freshmen)


52.56% of students graduated in 6 years


Nonresident aliens 4%
Hispanic/Latino 8%
Black or African American 7%
White 70%
American Indian or Alaska Native 2%
Asian 3%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 0%
Two or more races 0%
Race and/or ethnicity unknown 6%


The Lyon College Scots are part of the American Midwest Conference and the Central States Football League in NAIA athletics. Women’s varsity teams compete in basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, volleyball, and wrestling. Men’s varsity teams compete in basketball, baseball, cross country, golf, football, soccer, and wrestling. Beginning in the fall 2018, the College has added track and field and now stands as the only college in the state to offer competitive cheer and dance. Both sports are co-educational. In addition, Lyon will add four club sports: disc golf, mountain and road cycling, archery, and trap.

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Core Curriculum

Lyon provides a common intellectual experience to its students through its core curriculum. All students must demonstrate proficiency in writing and mathematics through designated courses in freshman composition and college algebra. Additionally, all freshmen take CORE 100, a first-year seminar, along with World Literature and American Experience, an introduction to the American political tradition. As sophomores, students take two semesters of Western Civilization. Additional requirements within the core include a foreign language, mathematics, a lab science course, a social science course, a fine arts course, a religion or philosophy course, and two physical education courses. Several departments require collaborative work (especially in upper-division courses), and most promote undergraduate research.

Diversity and Global Learning

Diversity at Lyon College shows in the community’s growing number of minority students, international faculty and students, and student organizations that support foreign language students, international students, and the LGBTQ community on campus. The International Student Association encourages intercultural exchange through field trips, international food tastings, and presentations. Lyon also offers an international film series to educate students about the world around them. International travel also exposes students to experiences in many other countries, either in two-week short courses or semester- or year-long exchange programs.

Study Abroad

Through its Nichols International Studies Program, Lyon offers financial assistance and college credit for both short study abroad courses led by Lyon faculty and for semester and year-long exchange programs in places like Japan, Brazil, China, Chile, Ireland, and France. Students who go abroad and explore other cultures often share their experiences with the College community by giving talks, presenting at school events, and advising other students who are beginning the process to study abroad.


At Lyon, students can conduct research with its distinguished faculty, and both Lyon faculty and the Lyon College Career Center help connect students with summer research programs around the world. Later, students can share their work in Lyon’s annual Student Creative Arts and Research Forum (SCARF). Through honor societies like Alpha Chi, students also attend national conferences to present their research and compete for scholarships.


Across all disciplines, Lyon students are expected to be proficient in writing. Past Composition I and II, students can take courses in advanced grammar and advanced composition. Journalism courses are also offered. If students need assistance, they can visit the MAC Writing Center where upperclassmen offer guidance from the writing process to adding finishing touches to a research paper.

“Taking part in a liberal arts education has made me fearless. I’m not afraid to learn new things because we’ve been pushed to learn outside of our comfort zone since the beginning. Lyon allows and encourages students of all different majors to learn things outside of their field. For example, a biology or math major will learn professional writing.” – Leilani Ocasio, ‘18

Activities offered

Campus Ministries X
Choral groups X
Concert band  
Dance X
Drama/theatre X
International Student Organization X
Jazz band X
Literary magazine  
Marching band X
Model UN X
Music ensembles  
Musical theatre  
Pep band X
Radio station  
Student government X
Student newspaper X
Student-run film society X
Symphony orchestra  
Television station  

New programs

To answer the demand and further prepare students for life after college, Lyon announced it will begin to offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science, starting in the fall of 2018. To cement this addition, Lyon added a full-time faculty member for the program.

The College has also added a film and media studies minor. An interdisciplinary effort, the minor will feature courses in English, French, Spanish, and history.


CORE 100, an introductory seminar required of all freshmen, is a 12-week course that is taken in small, tightly knit groups. Each group is led by a faculty mentor with the assistance of two student mentors. The course ultimately helps new students deal with the inevitable changes they experience throughout their transition to college and promotes self-efficacy through structured service-learning.


The College is strongly committed to its Carnegie classification as a Baccalaureate-Arts and Sciences institution. Its pre-professional and secondary education offerings require a liberal arts major, and its faculty, 97% of whom carry a terminal degree in their field, believe strongly in educating students for a meaningful life rather than for just a career. Lyon faculty have never wavered in their undergraduate teaching, as exemplified through 14 Professor of the Year awards from CASE. When new majors are added or current majors are expanded, faculty and administration alike look first to liberal arts standards—not to possible job placements—in order to ensure a truly enriching experience.


Students know that they can visit the Morrow Academic Center (“the MAC”) whenever they need academic support. This Center is home to tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and a writing center, all in a comfortable environment equipped with computers, seating areas, and a coffee shop.


Many upper-division courses across the curriculum are writing intensive. Alumni who continue into graduate or law school report that they find writing assignments to be no challenge thanks to the work they have done at Lyon. In fact, they are often asked to help out their peers who graduated from other institutions.

See more details for Lyon academics here.


“Some of my favorite memories of Lyon College are of my seminar-style history classes in the Lyon and Alphin Buildings.  Challenged by our professors to examine evidence, to think for ourselves, and to become more polished writers, my fellow history majors and I were prepared for the wide variety of careers one might expect to result from a rigorous liberal arts education.

My cohort of history majors came from many different towns and states, and our career paths have taken us in a wide range of directions. What we have in common is that our professors’ personal attention and high expectations have enabled us to chase our goals and to reach our potential.  For that, we will all be forever thankful.” – Brad Austin, ‘94

class size breakdown

Size 2-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 100+ Total
Number of Classes 63 70 48 25 3 1 0 210

Lyon Thrives

Two “Weeks of Welcome” are organized each year to introduce new students to the campus. It doesn’t take long for anyone to see the strong sense of community characterized through its student organizations and such extracurricular learning opportunities as convocations, art shows, readings by published poets and novelists, and musical performances. For example, a popular European film series inspires students with such films as Fellini’s 8 ½, The Tin Drum, and The Seventh Seal, and regional symphonies, the Arkansas Symphony Chamber Orchestra, and contemporary popular groups perform in concert. A regular sequence of art shows also bring in artists who discuss their philosophy and welcome the Lyon community to their gallery openings.

Leadership and Adventure

Though it may be a small college, Lyon enjoys a very strong Greek presence with three national fraternities and three sororities, all of which uphold a commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service. Various clubs like Black Student Association, French Club, Gamer’s Club, and Lyon College Radio provide students the opportunity to create their own events and programs for the community. To further promote bonding among students, the LEAP program offers many opportunities for outdoor adventure both on and off campus.

Lyon Traditions

Traditions at Lyon include a raft race each fall in which teams of freshmen compete to see who can make it across Bryan Lake first—or at least who can keep themselves from sinking! And, at the end of their four years, seniors take part in a torchlight procession to the same lake, an emotional highlight of graduation weekend.

A couple of ghost stories have also been long maintained as part of the Lyon tradition. One touts a haunted tapestry that hangs in Bevens Music Room, and another tells of the ghosts of orphaned children who died while living at the Masonic orphanage and were interred in the space that is now the location of the Brown Chapel-Fine Arts Building.

See here for more about Lyon’s campus community.

“I’m greatly impressed by the strong sense of community here, where the students help run the activities, special events, academic help, and even the disciplinary system.” – Nicholas Gentry, ‘21


Coed dorms X
Men’s dorms  
Women’s dorms  
Apartments for married students X
Apartments for single students X
Special housing for disabled students  
Special housing for international students  
Fraternity/sorority housing  
Cooperative housing  
Theme housing X
Wellness housing  
Other housing options X


Other: Pet-Friendly Housing


Lyon College is committed to community service. In addition to school-wide organized service events, many student groups take on their own individual projects each year, doing such inspiring work as raising money for Arkansas Children’s Hospital or St. Jude’s, reading to children in local elementary schools, picking up trash along highways, and working on Habitat for Humanity houses.

Internships and Practica

Several majors emphasize the importance of internships and practica. For example, journalism students are required to write for an established newspaper; art students work in galleries; religion/philosophy majors assist ministers and chaplains; and science majors work on grant-funded research projects. Those interested in medical careers can participate as “Health Coaches” to make sure that their patients understand how to avoid trips to the emergency room or further hospitalization. Some students become so involved that they even sign on for extra semesters of work.


Many majors require that students complete a capstone course or project. For example, art and music students must present a senior show or performance; psychology majors must produce a senior thesis; religion/philosophy students enroll in an advanced seminar; and English majors enroll in one of four seminars that require a research paper suitable for publication.

Outstanding Placement and Success

98% of Lyon grads are employed or in graduate school within six months of their graduation. Lyon graduates who apply for medical or law school have shown a 90% or higher acceptance rate. And, many trustees serving on the Lyon Board are alumni who embody the College’s ability to prepare graduates for success in their chosen careers. These trustees have risen to prominence in their fields, which include medicine, dentistry, law, business, teaching, and public service.

“Most people think a valuable education is defined by the quality of time spent inside a classroom, but that limited definition doesn’t apply at Lyon. In addition to a stellar in-class education here, students also get direct access to highly educated professors from all walks of life who are willing to invest in, challenge, and support students outside the classroom. Coupled with Lyon’s mindset of holistic education, it is a powerful combination that set me up for unprecedented success in my life.

The endless opportunities for learning and self-improvement here have provided me with a unique skill set that transcends cultures and allowed me to successfully teach English in Vietnam (without previously knowing any Vietnamese), host a two-day interprovincial language conference, and develop afterschool programming for multiple clubs simultaneously during my time as a Vietnam Fulbright Scholar. I was able to converse with distinguished ambassadors and international diplomats confidently after developing a global perspective with my mentors at Lyon. I can’t thank my Lyon professors and mentors enough for supporting me in reaching that achievement.” – Chin-Yee Chew, ‘14



1,652 total applicants
1,062 total admissions
190 total freshman enrollment

64.29% of applicants admitted

Admissions Deadlines for 2018-19 Admission

Rolling admission? Yes

Admissions Factors

Very Important
Academic GPA
Standardized test scores

Freshman Profile Fall 2017

  25th Percentile 75th Percentile
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 510 603
SAT Math 520 633
SAT Essay    
ACT Composite 22 28
ACT Math 21 27
ACT English 21 31
ACT Writing    


Net Price Calculator


Tuition $28,200
Fees $590
Total $28,790
Room and Board (on campus) $9,130
Estimated Total On Campus $37,920


Average Financial Aid Packages 2017-2018

$23,396 first-year students
$20,056 all undergrads

Financial Aid Breakdown 2017-2018

73% on average, the percentage of need that was met
25% of financial need students that had need fully met

$20,056 average need-based scholarship or grant award
$4,207 average need-based loan

Additional Information

Lyon uses the Common Application, which is reviewed to assure prospective students have the academic background (as indicated by ACT or SAT scores and high school GPA) to benefit from the College’s demanding curriculum. Scholarships, Pell grants, and work/study help assure that all who wish to attend can afford to do so, as underscored by the fact that 99% of Lyon students receive financial aid.

Scholarships include merit awards (at least 20 on the ACT and a GPA of 2.5), participation awards (outstanding ability in music, theatre, art), athletic scholarships, and scholarships specifically for transfer students. In addition awards are given for students whose sibling, parent, or grandparent attended Lyon and to those who are members in good standing of a Presbyterian church.  

Lyon also invites a select number of entering freshmen to apply and interview for the prestigious Lyon Fellowship, which covers the full cost of tuition for participants, who enroll in a rigorous course of study designed to hone research skills and promote the exchange of ideas in a challenging and supportive academic environment.