The Military Support Colleges of Distinction of 2023-2024

2023-2024 Military Support Colleges of Distinction badge

Colleges of Distinction’s mission is to help students from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences find the best well-rounded, inspiring undergraduate education for them. And so, we are excited to further highlight schools that dedicate resources to the service of one of our nation’s most underrepresented populations: service members and veterans of the military. 

Institutions with the Military Support Recognition are aware of the unique challenges military students face on college campuses. These institutions are proud to support and cultivate the skills that military students bring to the classroom, all while helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Colleges of Distinction has hand-picked a selection of the best colleges in the United States that cater to supporting military students’ interest to help you with your college search. Take a look below to see our list of 2023-2024 Colleges of Distinction honored for their military support. 


Troy University
University of South Alabama


University of Arizona

University of Arizona



University of Kansas

University of Kansas



University of Maryland

University of Maryland


University of Southern Mississippi


University of Providence


University of Nebraska at Omaha


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

New Jersey

North Carolina

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University
University of North Carolina Pembroke

North Dakota


Bowling Green State University
University of Toledo


University of Central Oklahoma

West Virginia

West Virginia University

West Virginia University