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Last Update: May 13, 2020

In this day and age, community service is essential in standing out amongst the crowd when applying for colleges. But why wait until college to start immersing yourself in your community? Students who participate in volunteering activities can gain a leading edge against the competition and college application process by gaining real-world experience. Community service can also improve students’ soft skills and prepare them for work experiences totally unrelated to their community service work.

When it comes to scholarship opportunities, volunteering helps to distinguish you from the competition by showing your commitment to giving back to the community and making the world a better place. If you’re someone who enjoys spending their time helping others, this is the scholarship list for you!

Of course, you can earn money for scholarships for other extracurricular activities, as well. Check out our scholarships for student-athletes, along with our many other scholarship lists for more opportunities. You’re bound to find a few worth applying for. Good luck!

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The New York Times College Scholarship Program

Deadline: See Website (Application Opens: Fall 2020)

Award Amount: $15,000

Overview: The New York Times College Scholarship Program has put hundreds of students through college. Since 1999 the program has given local high school students who have overcome hardship while achieving academic excellence four-year scholarships, as well as mentoring and internship opportunities at The Times. The scholarships are for students who have a sense of social purpose and a wide array of personal ambitions, and they are integral to our belief that a college education imparts lifelong benefits.

Brower Youth Awards

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Award: Varies

Overview: Earth Island Institute established The Brower Youth Award for Environmental Leadership in 2000 to honor renowned environmental advocate David Brower, who was quoted as saying “I love to see what young people can do, before someone old tells them it’s impossible.” It is with this spirit that we recognize the outstanding leadership efforts of young people who are working for the protection of our shared planet.

NSHSS James W. Lewis Global Leader Scholarship

Deadline: May 15, 2020

Award: $5,000

Overview: This award is a $5,000 college scholarships for high school seniors and college freshmen who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and who have demonstrated in an outstanding manner the values of NSHSS Co-founder and President James W. Lewis. College students must be enrolled in an accredited university. Scholarship funds will be sent to the university where the recipients are enrolled or will enroll upon entering college.

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Zippia’s Teacher Dream Job Scholarship

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: Tell us in 500 words or less, why you want to be a teacher. Describe your dream job to us and tell us WHY this is your dream job. Send your essay in the body of the email (no attachments) to scholarship@zippia.com with the subject line: “My Teacher Dream Job Scholarship Contest Entry”.

Mutual Security Community Service Scholarship

Deadline: April 24, 2020

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: Scholarships will be awarded to students who are in good academic standing, have demonstrated financial need, and have given selflessly of themselves to improve the overall state of affairs in their community. Students and/or parents must be a current member of the credit union.

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Spring 2021: July 1, 2020 – September 16, 2020
  • Fall, Summer, Academic Year 2021-2022: November 16, 2020 – January 20, 2021

Award Amount: Up to $10,000

Overview: The FEA, in collaboration with a range of philanthropic partners, supports students in financial need who are not typically represented in volunteering and study abroad programs, such as minorities, first-generation students, and community college students. They have a whole host of different types of grants and applicants are automatically considered for all scholarships.

FY 2020 Day of Service Grants

Deadline: March 25, 2020

Award: Varies

Overview: The mission of CNCS is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. Through AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the Volunteer Generation Fund, CNCS has helped to engage millions of citizens in meeting community and national challenges through service and volunteer action. The Day of Service grant competition includes funding for both September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance (September 11th) and Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service (MLK). Applicant organizations may apply for either September 11th, MLK, or both. Applicants may not submit more than one application for each Day of Service. The purpose of the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance grant funding is to mobilize more Americans to engage in service activities that meet vital community needs and honor the sacrifice of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, or who rose in service as a result of that tragedy. The purpose of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service grant funding is to mobilize more Americans to observe the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday as a day of service in communities, to encourage those who serve on this holiday to make a long-term commitment to community service, and to bring people together to focus on service to others.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Deadline: November 5, 2019 (Application Opens: August 5, 2019)

Award Amount: $1,000-$12,500 per year

Overview: Elks Lodges bring so much more to their communities than just a building, golf course or pool. They are places where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up. Elks invest in their communities through programs that help children grow up healthy and drug-free, meet the needs of today’s veterans, and improve the quality of life. Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.

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P.L.A.Y. Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship

Deadline: February 28, 2020

Award Amount: Up to $1,500

Overview: Students from across the U.S. are invited to apply for P.L.A.Y.’s annual Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship. This $1,500 scholarship rewards one student who can tell the best story, describing the impact he or she made in the life of a rescue animal or animal welfare cause in general.

Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarships

Deadline: February 20, 2020

Award Amount: One award of $10,000 and two awards of $5,000

Overview: For animal lovers who abstain from eating meat, fish, or fowl, the Vegetarian Resource Group awards college scholarships annually to graduating U.S. high school seniors who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or local communities. Entrants will be evaluation based on compassion, courage, academic promise, future career goals, community service involvement, and commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian lifestyle.

Robert Sheppard Student Leadership Scholarship

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Award: Up to $2,500

Overview: Personal statement of 500 words describing a volunteer project which you feel most benefited both you and the recipients, and also how and why you became involved in the project, what it entailed, and what have been the results;

  • List of service activities;
  • Transcript;
  • Resume;
  • Educator Recommendation;
  • Principal’s and counselor’s name and email address;
  • Color headshot suitable for website posting.

Coca-Cola Scholars Program

Deadline: See Website (Application Opens: August 2020)

Award Amount: 150 $20,000 awards

Overview: The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.

Imagine America High School Scholarship 

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Award: Varies

Overview: Are you a high school student trying to find money to pay for your career college education? Are you planning to attend one of the approximately 400 participating career school campuses  across the country? The Imagine America High School Scholarship Program can help.

The Imagine America Foundation created its Imagine America High School Scholarship Program in 1998 to provide scholarships for high school students. This annual scholarship program has helped thousands of high school seniors afford a career education at hundreds of career schools across the United States. Each year, every high school in the United States and Puerto Rico may nominate up to five graduating seniors to receive a $1,000 Imagine America scholarship.  Only recent high school graduates who meet the following recommended guidelines should apply:

  • Likelihood of successful completion of postsecondary education
  • High school grade point average of 2.5 or greater
  • Financial need
  • Demonstrated voluntary community service during senior year

Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship Program

Deadline: February 28, 2020

Award Amount: Various Awards up to $20,000

Overview: Service is the cornerstone of DAV’s mission of empowering veterans to lead high-quality and fulfilled lives. But we would not be able to serve our nation’s heroes without thousands of dedicated youth volunteers across the country. From volunteering at a local Department of Veterans Affairs medical center to assisting veterans within their local communities—and everything in between—DAV youth volunteers across the country are committed to serving our ill and injured heroes.

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The Ron Brown Scholarship

Deadline: January 9, 2020 (Application Opens: August 2019)

Award Amount: Four $40,000 awards

Overview: The Ron Brown Scholarship honors the legacy of Ronald H. Brown through a selective scholarship program that advances higher education for community-minded and intellectually gifted African Americans.  RBSP competitively awards Ron Brown Scholars four-year $40,000 scholarships ($10,000 each year) to the most talented and economically-challenged high school seniors who demonstrate a keen interest in public service, community engagement, business entrepreneurship and global citizenship – the four pillars of the late Ronald H. Brown’s mission to uplift people of all races, cultures and ethnicities – especially our disadvantaged youth.

The Barron Prize

Deadline: April 15, 2020

Award Amount: $10,000

Overview: The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes celebrates inspiring, public-spirited young people from diverse backgrounds all across North America. Each year, the Barron Prize honors 25 outstanding young leaders ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive difference to people and the environment.

Great Value Colleges Community Service Scholarship 

Deadline: November 15, 2020

Award Amount: $1,500

Overview: Great Value Colleges believes that community service has the potential to enhance the value of a college education in profound ways. Community service helps build empathy and compassion and provides skills such as networking, organization, project management, team building, and problem solving — all skills that are essential in today’s workforce.

Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

Deadline: January 17, 2020

Award Amount: Multiple $15,000 stipends

Overview: The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award provides $15,000 stipends to graduating college seniors to pursue public service anywhere in the world. The Award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity for one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career. Past award recipients have won an unsolicited, prestigious McArthur “genius” grant; been named U. S. Surgeon General; and been recognized as a Forbes “30 Under 30” entrepreneur.

Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships

Deadline: December 5, 2020 (Application Opens: October 5, 2020)

Award Amount: $5,000

Overview: A program recognizes student innovation and youth-led solutions to fight hunger in the U.S. These young people are creating awareness and mobilizing peers in their communities to be catalysts for change. The scholarship awardees comprise a wide variety of students, ages 5 to 25, who are recognized at the national and regional level and hail from across the country. A program that recognizes students who are driving awareness and mobilizing youth to be catalysts for innovative models that provide solutions to eliminate hunger in the U.S. Scholarship winners receive a $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant for their hunger-related charity.

Spirit of Youth Scholarship Fund

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Spirit of Youth Scholarship Fund is an umbrella that supports three separate scholarship opportunities for participants in American Legion Auxiliary programs. One is for American Legion Auxiliary Junior members; another is for the Honorary National Junior President; and one is for participants in the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation program.

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Burger King Scholars Program

Deadline: December 15, 2020 (Application Opens: October 15, 2020)

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Foundation, together with Burger King Corporation employees, franchisees, suppliers and guests, has been able to make a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. Today the Foundation administers the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program and the BK℠ Family Fund.

Point Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: January 27, 2020 

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: Point Foundation (Point) is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students of merit. Point promotes change through scholarship funding, mentorship, leadership development, and community service training.

Junior Member Loyalty Program

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Award Amount: Ten $2,500 awards

Overview: Ten scholarships, in the amount of $2,500 each, will be awarded to a current college student for 2020. Two scholarships will be awarded in each division of the American Legion Auxiliary. The scholarship is a grant; not a loan. Candidates for this award shall have been Junior members of the American Legion Auxiliary, held membership in the American Legion Auxiliary for the past three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019) and must be a paid member for the current (2020) membership year.

Christianson Grant

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Award Amount: Up to $10,000

Overview: The Christianson Grant is awarded to motivated young Americans who create and carry out their own meaningful service projects abroad. Grantees also share their experiences via regular blog posts about their project and a completion report in order to further international understanding and promote cultural awareness.

Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Deadline: Deadline varies

Award Amount: Multiple awards of $1,500-$4,000

Overview: Though about 40 percent of the world’s workforce is women, according to data from the Inter-Parliamentary Union, only 24 percent of all national parliamentarians were female as of 1 December 2018. Because Zonta International believes that young women are the key to women’s advancement in the field of public service, it offers the Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award, which recognizes young women, ages 16-19, for demonstrating leadership skills and commitment to public service and civic causes, and encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life.

Horatio Alger Association National Scholarship

Deadline: October 25, 2020 (Application Opens: August 1, 2020)

Award Amount: 106 $25,000 awards

Overview: The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is dedicated to the simple but powerful belief that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer all obstacles. As such, the Association honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in spite of adversity and who are committed to supporting young people in pursuit of increased opportunities through higher education.

Alliant Energy Innovation Scholarship

Deadline: February 17, 2020 

Award Amount: Up to 25 $1,000 awards

Overview: Alliant Energy recognizes outstanding community leadership in young people and helps students reach their academic goals.

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AXA Achievement Scholarship

Deadline: See Website (Application Opens: Fall 2019)

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The AXA Equitable Foundation directs our company’s philanthropic and volunteer activities.  Through philanthropy, volunteerism and sustainability we leverage our resources and risk expertise to build a stronger society for our customers and our employees. Our signature program, AXA Achievement, helps students and parents take the next step toward college and educators take the next step toward success.

West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Award Amount: Up to $4,750

Overview: Applicants for PROMISE Scholarship awards are strongly urged to perform at least 20 hours of unpaid community service while in high school and college. The community service may include, but is not limited to, participating with non-profit, governmental, institutional or community-based organizations designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, meet the needs of community residents or foster civic responsibility.

Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship

Deadline: July 17, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship was established in 2008 in memory of Basil L. and Monica G. Virtue by their son-in-law, S. Michael McLaughlin, FSA, MAAA, an actuary who graduated from UWI. The scholarship is intended to be an annual award to University of the West Indies (UWI) actuarial student(s) who demonstrate a strong record of accomplishment, leadership qualities and commitment to becoming an actuary.

NSCA High School Scholarship

Deadline: October 15, 2020 (Application Opens: August 1, 2020)

Award Amount: Multiple $2,000 awards

Overview: This program provides funding to high school seniors preparing to enter college. Students must demonstrate their acceptance into an accredited institution, their intention to graduate with a degree in the strength and conditioning field, their goals beyond college, and their track record of community service. $2,000 awards are available.

National Federation of the Blind Scholarships

Deadline: March 31, 2020

Award Amount: $3,000-$12,000

Overview: The National Federation of the Blind’s annual scholarship program is the largest of its kind in the nation. Every year, we award more than $120,000 to blind scholars across the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico in recognition of their achievements and professional aspirations. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, community service, and leadership.

Columbus Citizens Foundation College Scholarship Program

Deadline: February 7, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Columbus Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization in New York City committed to fostering an appreciation of Italian-American heritage and achievement. They are committed to improving the lives of Italian-American students, and their families, by providing scholarship funding that will help the students develop the skills and tools needed to succeed in life. Students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and have shown commitment to community service.

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Bezos Scholars Program

Deadline: February 7, 2020 (Application Opens: October 2019)

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Bezos Scholars Program is a year-long leadership development program that amplifies youth voice and action. Each spring, 17 exceptional high school juniors and a supportive educator from their school are selected as Bezos Scholars from around the U.S. and from the African Leadership Academy. After spending a week immersed in learning at the Aspen Ideas Festival, they return home to inspire action by developing a community change project that combines their passion with meeting a defined community need.

Newman Civic Fellowship

Deadline: February 3, 2020 

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who are changemakers and public problem-solvers at Campus Compact member institutions. Fellows are nominated by their president or chancellor on the basis of their potential for public leadership.

Heroes of Everyday Life Award

Deadline: February 28, 2020 

Award Amount: $5,000

Overview: Hunger is an issue too big for one person, team, or organization to solve alone. Sodexo recognizes employees who have invested time, talent, and service spirit to help those at risk of hunger. Award recipients are honored at the annual Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation Dinner and receive $5,000 for their hunger-related charity of choice.

Boettcher Scholarship

Deadline: November 1, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: We need Colorado’s best minds to stay in Colorado. Many of Colorado’s top high school students leave the state to pursue their studies, rather than attend a Colorado school, build a Colorado network, and use their immense talents to improve our communities right here at home. That’s why we created the Boettcher Scholarship program over 60 years ago. To support Colorado’s top students by providing them with Colorado scholarships to attain an excellent in-state education, a vast network of alumni and community leaders and access to additional opportunities that enrich their time in college.

Bezos Scholars Program

Deadline: January 31, 2020 

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Bezos Scholars Program is a year-long leadership development program that amplifies youth voice and action. Each spring, 17 exceptional high school juniors and a supportive educator from their school are selected as Bezos Scholars from around the U.S. and from the African Leadership Academy. After spending a week immersed in learning at the Aspen Ideas Festival, they return home to inspire action by developing a community change project that combines their passion with meeting a defined community need.

Phelps County Community

Deadline: February 15, 2020

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The Phelps County Community Foundation has established a long tradition of administering and providing scholarships to area students. Today, the Foundation manages over 65 scholarship funds and awards almost $250,000 in scholarships annually. These scholarships are made possible by generous individuals, families, and organizations who desire to help others in their quest for higher education.

Future Educator Scholarship

Deadline: August 20, 2020

Award Amount: $1000

Overview: Mrs Prindables is offering a 2019 Scholarship opportunity for incoming or current college students majoring in education. We believe that educators have the power to spark positive development in student’s lives and their futures.

SuperMoney’s Financial Literacy Scholarship

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Award Amount: $2,500

Overview: SuperMoney’s mission is to help everyone reach their financial goals. Founded in 2019, SuperMoney’s Financial Literacy Scholarship seeks to celebrate students who share our same mission. Our scholarship program awards $2,500 a year to a student who wants to help Americans improve their financial wellness through continued education.

Vectorworks Design Scholarship

Deadline: August 29, 2019

Award Amount: $3,000; round 2 winners will receive $7,000

Overview: You are designing the future. Faced with some of the biggest design challenges of our time, students are boldly imagining a brighter world and using design tools to share these visions with others. The Vectorworks Design Scholarship seeks to promote excellence in design and observe how the next generation will transform the world.

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Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links to products and services. We may receive commissions for purchases made through these links.