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Paying for college is no easy feat. From application fees to unexpected expenses, the cost can quickly become overwhelming, leaving students to take out massive loans and ending up in debt. The best advice for leaving college debt-free? Take advantage of free money! Scholarships are a great resource college students can use to help pay tuition and room & board. Whether you dedicate time to extracurricular activities or community service, there are scholarships that want to reward your efforts. This list of scholarships was specifically curated to offer the best opportunities for guys heading to college, no matter their academic background. A shift in college enrollment statistics has revealed that women now make up the majority of student bodies. Financial need could be limiting men from entering college classrooms, so Colleges of Distinction rounded up scholarships just for them. 

Colleges of Distinction has developed a list of scholarships for men to help them make college more affordable. Good luck! 

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Era L. and Frances L. Walker Scholarship

Deadline: February 1, 2020

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: Considering the background and criteria of this scholarship, why are you the best candidate? Discuss how you share Era’s values, including the importance of family, service to your community and the compassionate treatment of others.


Tau Kappa Epsilon Scholarships

Deadline: May 15, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: Each fraternity promotes a set of ideals that are to be held true by its members throughout their lives. TKE challenges members to live up to the standard of excellence defined by our Declaration of Principles on a daily basis. These principles provide an environment where members are encouraged to develop strong skills for scholarship, character, leadership, teamwork service and brotherhood—the attributes that build success and happiness throughout life. To further develop these principles, Tau Kappa Epsilon has established a series of educational conferences and programs to ensure each member’s success fraternally, professionally and personally.

24 NO ESSAY Scholarships for the Class of 2020

Nathaniel Martin “Sacred Man Can’t Win” Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: February 1, 2020

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: This award was created to recognize the memory of Nathaniel Martin and to provide educational resources to African American men.


Bernie Varnadore Scholarship Program

Deadline: April 1, 2020

Award Amount: Eleven $1,250 awards

Overview: The Dixie Boys Baseball, Incorporated scholarship provides eleven (11) $1,250.00 cash awards. The scholarship plaque will be presented to a successful candidate at the most appropriate venue. Checks will be mailed to the school upon verification of enrollment.


edFUND African American Male Scholarship

Deadline: March 5, 2020 (Application Opens: January 2020)

Award Amount: $1,500/year for four years

Overview: The Ed Fund believes everyone deserves the chance to go to college. Research shows that a college education significantly changes the trajectory of a student’s life. A college education is a difference-maker for many students. Students who attend college are more likely to enjoy greater career opportunities. From increasing annual earnings to creating our next leaders, a college education makes an impact on students, their families, and our community.


Knights of Columbus Vocation Scholarships

Deadline: June 1, 2020 (Application Opens: February 1, 2020)

Award Amount: Multiple $2,500 awards

Overview: An applicant with appropriate ecclesiastical approval, having been accepted at a major seminary, and studying for an (arch)diocese or religious institute in the United States, its territories, or Canada, is eligible. Preference is given, although not exclusively, to applicants who are members of the Knights of Columbus or whose fathers are members.

2019 List of Scholarships for STEM Majors

Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men

Deadline: November 1, 2019

Award Amount: $5,000-$10,000

Overview: The Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men was established in 1994 by the late entrepreneur and inventor Jonathan R. Lax for the purpose of encouraging gay men to obtain additional education; to aspire to positions in which they contribute to society; to be out about their sexual orientation; and to act as role models for other gay men with similar potential.


Eagle Scout Scholarships

Deadline: October 31, 2019

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) helps Eagle Scouts stay in touch with Scouting and hear positive stories about how Scouting transforms the lives of youth through developing their leadership skills, character, citizenship, and physical fitness.


USBC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow

Deadline: December 1, 2019

Award Amount: $6,000

Overview: This award annually recognizes star qualities in a male high school senior or college student who competes in the sport of bowling. Star qualities include distinguished certified bowling performance on the local, regional, state and national levels, academic achievement and extracurricular and civic involvement.


NESA STEM Scholarships

Deadline: October 31, 2019

Award Amount: $50,000

Overview: The NESA STEM scholarship is awarded to one Eagle Scout annually who plans to major in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field (STEM). STEM applicants must complete ALL required questions on the General Application in order to access the STEM scholarship questions (required questions are indicated by a red asterisk – this includes the signature line at the bottom of the application).


Voya UNCF Male Initiative

Deadline: November 17, 2019

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: Scholarship for male, African-American colleges sophomores attending UNCF affiliated colleges or universities on a full-time basis. Must have a demonstrated unmet, financial need as verified by college or university. Minimum 2.5 GPA required.


ACLS Scholarship Program

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Award Amount: Up to $1,000

Overview: The scholarship offered will be awarded annually to full-time students who are enrolled in a college or university. The first place candidate will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. The second and third place candidates will receive complimentary Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification courses which have a combined value of $360.  The monetary first place award must be used towards college/university tuition, school supplies, and/or housing.

The Mega-List of BIG Name Scholarships & Foundations

Alpha Gamma Rho Educational Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: April 30, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho offers scholarships to the undergraduate Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho. Criteria for eligibility for each scholarship differs but is based on the individual’s pursuit of excellence in scholarship and leadership, and for his contributions to community and Fraternity.


Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Award

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all Eagle Scouts interested in the American Revolution to participate in the Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Award. The contest is open to all Eagle Scouts who are currently registered in an active unit and, except as provided in the paragraph below, have not reached their nineteenth birthday during the year of application. The year that the Eagle rank was awarded is not restricted.


Kappa Delta Rho Commerford B. Martin Engineering Scholarship

Deadline: Rolling Deadline

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: Applicant must be an unmarried member in good standing of Kappa Delta Rho with a minimum grade average of “B.” Selection is based upon academics, financial need, and chapter, campus, and community involvement. Black and white photo of applicant in coat and tie required.


Sons of the American Revolution George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all high school students (9th through 12th grades) interested in the American Revolution to participate in the George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest. To participate, students must submit an original 800- to 1,200-word essay based on an event, person, philosophy or ideal associated with the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the United States Constitution.


Sons of the American Revolution C.A.R. Activity Award

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) is an organization of persons through 21 years of age who are lineal descendants of a patriot of the American Revolution. The C.A.R. is an independent organization which looks to the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and General Society of the Sons of the Revolution (SR) for its leadership and financial support.

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Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: March 1, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: In 1963, the 60th anniversary year of Mu Phi Epsilon, the Mu Phi Epsilon Memorial Foundation was registered in the state of Nebraska as a nonprofit corporation, authorized and established by the Fraternity for charitable and educational purposes. 


Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: April 1, 2020

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: Alpha Chi Rho cultivates a lifelong brotherhood where men challenge and inspire each other, through Character, Honor, and Integrity, to improve themselves, their Fraternity, and society. The mission of this foundation is to provide the Fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho, its members, Chapters and other students with the financial and organizational support necessary to attain their educational goals.


Triple A Scholarship

Deadline: September 15, 2019 and December 30, 2020

Award Amount: $250

Overview: The Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation provides scholarships to brothers awarded on the basis of need for financial assistance, merit, leadership, and citizenship. Scholarship awards must be applied to tuition and tuition related expenses as defined by the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Such expenses include tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at the educational organization and fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses of instruction.


Peale Scholarship Grant

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: One of Phi Gamma Delta’s most beloved and well-known  brothers, Norman Vincent Peale (Ohio Wesleyan 1920), made a tremendous impact on the lives of many people and Phi Gams with his devotion to God and his service to mankind. To honor his contributions to the world over, the Foundation will be awarding scholarship grants for brothers choosing careers in the ministry.


Churchill Scholarship

Deadline: October 31, 2019

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: In the 1950s, as the establishment of Churchill College in Cambridge was becoming a reality, Sir Winston Churchill met with American friends to ask them to create a way for young Americans to study there. The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States accepts nominations for the Churchill Scholarship from a limited number of Participating Institutions. If you are interested in applying, you should first contact the scholarship office at your undergraduate institution.


AEPi Foundation Individual Scholarships

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The AEPi Foundation awards scholarships and individual educational grants to undergraduate brothers. These awards are made possible through generous gifts from our alumni, undergraduates, family members and friends.

New Scholarships for Student Athletes – Class of 2019-2020

Men of Principle Scholarship

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The Men of Principle Scholarship Grant Program was established in 1999 through generous donations to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation to help individual chapters and colonies of the Fraternity recognize unaffiliated (non-Greek) male students on college campuses. We seek to reward these men for their devotion to the values that the Fraternity holds dear to our hearts – mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, integrity and responsible conduct – and for outspoken, positive leadership in our communities.


Murse World Scholarship

Deadline: December 15, 2019

Award Amount:  $1000

Overview: Murse World is committed to acknowledging the medical students who plan to do their utmost to help people heal and feel their best. To show our appreciation for these outstanding individuals, Murse World has launched a Pay it Forward annual scholarship opportunity for all college students who are studying in any field within the realm of the medical or health world.


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