57 New Scholarships for Student Athletes – Class of 2022-2023

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Last Update: November 3, 2022

The life of a student-athlete is no easy feat. With relentless hours of training outside of their school curriculum, a student’s love for any sport can turn into a full time job. Unfortunately, this dedication doesn’t always lead to a wealthy reward like making it into the NFL or U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. But it can be enough to qualify for valuable scholarships to further their education. In 2017, only 181,306 out of 7.3 million high school student-athletes received a sports scholarship. 

With a high demand of student-athletes seeking financial assistance for their college careers, competition is fierce. We have developed a list of scholarships for student-athletes to level the playing field. We encourage you to apply to any of these that you qualify!

Remember that student-athletes are not limited to only sports scholarships. Check out our other lists of scholarships for more opportunities. Best of luck!

Jennifer Webb-Cook Gameplan Scholarship

Deadline: April 1, 2023

Award Amount: $2,070

Overview: The Jennifer Webb-Cook Gameplan Scholarship will support a student athlete who needs a little extra help off the launching pad! High school seniors who are student athletes from single-parent households are eligible to apply if they are continuing their athletic careers on the college level.

To apply, write about the obstacles you’ve had to overcome coming from a single-parent household and how sports have impacted your life.

Au’s Golden Ticket Scholarship

Deadline: Dec 7, 2022

Award: $5,000


Au’s Golden Ticket Scholarship will support athletes who have given their all on the field, specifically those who exemplify hard work and determination, but who may not have gotten major recognition. This mission is important because athletes at smaller schools or on teams that win less don’t always get the same recognition that other comparable athletes may get.

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High school seniors are eligible to apply if they are student athletes. To apply, create a video a minute or less long explaining your involvement in athletics and your community. You may also include a letter of recommendation from your coach.

David G. Sutton Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: January 1, 2023

Award: $500

Overview: This scholarship aims to honor the life of David G. Sutton by supporting those that exemplify his fighting spirit and supportive nature.

Any high school athlete in Pennsylvania may apply for this scholarship opportunity.

To apply, tell us about a time when a coach impacted your life in a positive way and how you exemplify the ideals and traits like Dave that made him one in a million.

51 Scholarships Worth $1,000 for High School Students

TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award

Deadline: Now Accepting Applications for Students Starting College Beginning September 2022

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: TrophyCentral is thrilled to be able to offer a qualifying high school senior a $1,000 scholarship award to be applied to their first year’s tuition to a college or university.

Sports Lover Scholarship

Deadline: Nov 15, 2022

Award: Up to $500

Overview: The Sports Lover Scholarship will promote teamwork, discipline, and healthy living by helping those who demonstrate an interest in an athletics-related career.

High school seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate students are eligible to apply if they are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents and are an athletics or sports-related major. To apply, write about what role sports have played in your life and why you have chosen to pursue a career in an athletic-related field.

David M Bohr Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Deadline: Application Opens: January 1st, 2023
Application Due Date: March 1st, 2023

Award: Varies

Overview: The David M Bohr Memorial Baseball scholarship fund was established at the Community Foundation of NCW by memorial gifts made to honor David M Bohr. David was a long-time Wenatchee attorney and judge pro-term in Chelan. David led many youth activities throughout the Wenatchee Valley, but baseball was his true love.

Sara Scholarship

Deadline: April 30, 2023

Award: $2,000

Overview: The Sara Scholarship was established in 2012 as part of the final will of Sara Sheehan, who passed away in 2011. The award, funded through the Henry & Sara Sheehan foundation, is granted annually to female athletes who plan to pursue a college degree and who demonstrate academic achievement, excellence of character, financial need and active engagement with the sport of golf. Skill in playing golf is not a criterion. The Sara Scholarship awards $2000 per year to be applied towards tuition, books, board and other expenses.

Craig Norrbom Baseball Scholarship

Deadline: October 15, 2022

Award Amount: $5,000

Overview: This scholarship aims to honor the memory of Craig Norrbom by supporting students in California who share his love for baseball.

Any high school senior graduating in 2023 in California who plays on a school baseball team may apply for this scholarship.

To apply, tell us why you love baseball, who your favorite player of all time is, what your favorite team is, and why?

Cody Cochlin Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: October 15, 2022

Award: Up to $1,250

Overview: This scholarship aims to honor the life of Cody Cochlin by supporting students who share his love for skateboarding and similar hobbies. Any low-income undergraduate student who rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards, or snowboards may apply for this scholarship.

To apply, submit a video of you performing a trick you’re proud of. The video can be any length, and can be submitted alongside any essays or other media you feel may boost your odds of success, but you must be recognizable while performing said trick (i.e. no face coverings or blurred facial edits). The video can be a media submission or a YouTube link, but know that YouTube submissions are preferred.

Scholarship Guidebooks: The Good, the Bad, and the Best of the 21st Century

Campbell Scholarship

Deadline: January 2023

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The William C. Campbell Scholarship is for West Virginia high school senior student-athletes who are graduating and going to college. Since its inception, nearly $100,000 has been awarded to more than 80 recipients. Each year the West Virginia Golf Association, awards this scholarship based on the student’s merit and exemplifies exceptional quality in their involvement, not only in the game of golf, but their community. The Campbell Scholarship, named after Mr. Campbell, continues to live on through his legacy of what it means to be a true lady and gentleman.

Evans Scholarship

Deadline: October 15 annually 

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for high-achieving caddies with limited financial means. To qualify, caddies must meet the requirements of having a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and outstanding character. Scholarship applications are accepted at the beginning of an applicant’s senior year of high school, as well as from college freshmen.

BTL Athletes Scholarship

Deadline: January 28, 2023

Award: $75,000
5 winners, $15,000 each

Overview: Student-athletes face unique challenges as they pursue their education, balancing the responsibilities of homework and studying with practices, training, and games for their sport. High tuition is just one more source of stress that many student-athletes have to deal with.

BTL has collaborated with professional basketball player Andre Drummond to ease the burden of tuition for five student-athletes who are graduating high school or attending college.

Any low-income high school junior or senior who’s a varsity athlete or any current undergraduate students who are athletes on a college team may apply for this scholarship. Students who only play intramural or club sports are not eligible.

To apply, please submit a short 2-5 minute video sharing your personal background, your aspirations, and how this scholarship would help you on your journey. Please also share what confidence in your sport means to you and any relevant clips of you playing your sport.

Scholarship for Golfers

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Award Amount:  $1,000 awards

Overview: For many, golf is more than a leisurely pastime.

It challenges players, helps them to develop critical thinking skills and gets them outside and moving. It’s seemingly a simple game, yet requires focus and technique to truly master the sport. And beyond the game itself, it brings together players from all different backgrounds and walks of life to create a community and network of people who can turn to each other when needed. To celebrate the game of golf and those that play it, the Scholarship for Golfers will award a student that plays the game in any capacity, either for their school or simply as a pastime.

Students of any educational level are eligible to apply if they play golf in some capacity. To apply, write about your golf journey, including how you started playing, how you continue to play and why golf is important to you.

Pride Foundation Varsity Athletics Scholarship

Deadline: January 6, 2023

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: Pride Foundation provides essential financial resources and community support to LGBTQ+ and allied student leaders in the Northwest—particularly those who face barriers due to race, economic circumstances, identity, ability, location, or lack of family support.

Scholarship for Sports Majors

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Award: $1,000

Overview: The Scholarship for Sports Majors will emphasize the importance of sports and the positive impact they can have on students. Students are encouraged to apply if they are studying sports or a sport-related subject, including majors like exercise science, materials sciences and engineering, athletic training, sports management, turfgrass management, and occupational therapy, among others.

Students of any education level are eligible to apply if they are majoring in a sports-related field. In your application, write about how sports have impacted your life, why your major is important to you and what dreams you hope to pursue with this degree.

Women in Sports Scholarship

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Award: $1,275

Overview: Although the number of women in sports has grown exponentially over the last several years, there is still a lot of work to be done to close the gender gap in the industry. With all of the career options available in the realm of sports, The Women in Sports Scholarship will help encourage women to pursue their passions in the sports industry.

Undergraduate female students are eligible to apply if they are pursuing a career involving sports.

To apply, write about your career choice and why you are passionate about it. Explain how you will work to empower women in your career field.

NSCA Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: Scholarship applications OPEN August 1 and CLOSE October 15 annually (there is only 1 application cycle a year)

Award Amount: Multiple $2,000 awards

Overview: The purpose of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation (NSCAF) is to support the mission of the National Strength and Conditioning Association by providing funding for educational and research activities that enhance the practical application of strength and conditioning. All general and specific guidelines for each respective scholarship are outlined below and should be closely read by the applicant to ensure all guidelines have been met prior to submission.

55 Scholarships Anyone Can Apply For

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

Deadline: January 8 annually 

Award Amount: Twenty $20,000 awards

Overview: The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes program honors student-athletes who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and strong leadership skills in sports, in their schools, and within their communities. Whether you’re the lead scorer or the most spirited team player, we want to hear how you have taken the skills you’ve cultivated in the locker room and used to them create a powerful, positive impact on the lives of others around you.

Scott McLam Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Award Amount: $13,875

Overview: This scholarship seeks to honor the life of Scott McLam by supporting high school students who are passionate about lacrosse.

Any high school student who plays lacrosse is eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

To apply, tell us how you embody commitment, teamwork, and discipline both on and off the field.

Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team Program

Deadline: Applications for the 2022-23 All-Academic Team will open in February 2023.

Award Amount: Up to $4,000

Overview: Absolute Fencing Gear has also pledged $10,000 in scholarships for the All-Academic Team program. One female and one male applicant will receive $4,000 each based on both their GPA and essay. Two additional applicants will receive $1,000 each based on their submitted essay.

Men’s J.O. Program Committee/National Gymnastics Foundation Scholarship Program

Deadline: Scholarships are awarded annually. The Men’s Academic Scholarship application must be received in the USA Gymnastics office by May 15.

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: On September 28, 1999, the Men’s Junior Olympic Program Committee (JOPC) took a bold step for the future of men’s gymnastics by adopting a Men’s Scholarship Program at the Junior Level. The scholarship program mandates that a one-dollar donation be collected for every athlete participating in a men’s USA Gymnastics sanctioned event where a fee is charged. This one-dollar per athlete fee will be donated to the National Gymnastics Foundation Men’s Scholastic Scholarship Program.

Women’s Western Scholarship

Deadline: The application is available starting Nov. 1. All applications and supporting documents should be completed and submitted by March 4.

Award Amount: $2,000

Overview: The Women’s Western Golf Foundation was established in 1971 by the Women’s Western Golf Association and is committed to increasing participation of women in golf and dedicated to providing Women’s Western Scholarships to worthy and deserving undergraduate women. Since its inception, the Women’s Western Golf Foundation has awarded over $4.2 million in scholarships to more than 665 young women across the country. The Women’s Western Scholarships are valued at $10,000. They will be payable over four years of undergraduate studies and awarded to 15 outstanding young women.

Athletic Scholarships for Soccer Players 2019-2020

Jim McKay Graduate Scholarship

Deadline: January 11, 2023

Award Amount: $10,000

Overview: In 2008, the National Collegiate Athletic Association established the Jim McKay Scholarship to recognize the immense contributions and legacy of pioneer sports journalist Jim McKay. Annually, one male and one female student or student-athlete will be awarded a one-time $10,000 Jim McKay scholarship in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and their potential to make a major contribution to the sports communication industry.

United Bank Student Athlete Scholarship

Deadline: May 2023

Award: $1,000

Overview: The DCSAA is committed to encouraging excellence in both academics and athletics. It is for this reason that the Student Athlete Academic Scholarship Program was initiated. This year we are proud to announce that scholarships will be fully sponsored by United Bank, The Community Bank of the Nation’s Capital. Each $1,000 scholarship recognizes the distinguished academic, leadership and sportsmanship achievements of District of Columbia high school student athletes and the positive influence of athletics in each student’s life.

Peter T. Buecher Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: May 1, 2023

Award Amount: $1,000
2 winners, $500 each

Overview: Everyone has the potential to give back to their community and make a difference, even if it is small. The Peter T. Buecher Memorial Scholarship seeks to reward students in Minnesota who have a desire to enrich the lives of others in their community. Minnesota high school seniors and undergraduate students who play sports and have a good moral character are encouraged to apply.

To apply, write a little bit about yourself and how you seek to enrich the lives of people in your Minnesota community.

Race Entry Student Scholarship

Deadline: All applications must be submitted between January 1 and August 15 to be included in the contest of the same year. The contest winner will be notified on or before October 1.

Award: $500

Overview: Race Entry is an online race registration company that supports students of all disciplines who pursue self-improvement and enhanced health through race preparation and participation. Annually Race Entry is offering a $500 scholarship to the winner of our annual “Race to Inspire” essay contest. Many people have different reasons for running in a race. We want to hear & share your inspiring story.

USTA Mid-Atlantic Tournament Scholarship

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: USTA Mid-Atlantic created a scholarship program that supports highly competitive junior players in need of financial assistance. As they gain competitive tennis experience, travel to various tournaments and build character through the sport, USTA provides a financial award to players and their families. These skills will benefit them and our community well-beyond their years on the court. This program emphasizes volunteerism and has traditionally engaged scholarship recipients as youth ambassadors and mentors.

FMC Ice Sports Skaters Scholarship

Deadline: May 1, 2023

Award: $4,000

Overview:The FMC Skaters Scholarship program was developed to provide financial assistance to ice sports participants and recreational ice skaters that demonstrate personal excellence on and off the ice. The scholarships are awarded to ice hockey, figure skating and recreational skaters. All applicants must be New England residents, high school seniors, and skate at FMC arenas. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider’s website.

USTA Mid-Atlantic Camp Scholarship

Deadline: See Website (Rolling Applications)

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: Tennis camps enhance players’ skills and enjoyment of the game in an energetic and positive learning environment. The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section Camp Scholarship program gives dozens of young athletes the unique opportunity to attend a summer camp for one week, free of charge. The Camp Scholarship program is made possible by the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section and tennis camps that donate camp sessions.

Professional Tennis Management Scholarship

Deadline: Varies 

Award Amount: Two $10,000 awards

Overview: The USTA Foundation offers a scholarship targeting those High School seniors who exhibit a passion for tennis and plan on seeking a Professional Tennis Management degree at one of the schools offering this program.

James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship

Deadline: Your application is not complete unless submitted electronically on or before December 15, 2022. If 50,000 applications are received prior to December 15, the application will no longer be available.

Award: $4,000

Overview: Recipients will be chosen from the both BURGER KING® General High School Senior Track and BURGER KING® Employee-Based Track applicants based upon the following criteria. Recipients must be citizens of the United States or Canada who who are seniors at a high school or home school in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam or Canada. Must be applying as a full time freshman to a four-year accredited, college or university that is located in the United States or Canada.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Scholarship

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Westfield State University advertisement

Overview: At DICK’S Sporting Goods and the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, we believe Sports Matter because participation in sports makes people better. Sports increase confidence and motivate kids to stay in the classroom and aim for higher education. They help build character and teach life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field. That’s why we’ve made it the mission of our Foundation, Community, and Sports Matter programs to give young athletes opportunities to play.

Athletic Scholarships for Baseball Players 2019-2020

Scovell Scholarship

Deadline: Check back for 2023 application 

Award Amount: Multiple $4,000 awards

Overview: The Scovell Foundation annually awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to North Texas youths with high moral character, leadership abilities, financial need and a connection to sports. The foundation funds 10 scholarships for graduating high school seniors planning on attending college in the state of Texas, as well as five continuing scholarships for previous Scovell Scholars still in college.

Joyce Komperda Athlete Support Fund

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Award: Varies

Overview: The Joyce Komperda Athlete Support Fund fund is intended to provide financial assistance for intermediate, novice and junior-level athletes who demonstrate financial need. Applicants can be singles, pairs or ice dancing competitor at the intermediate through junior levels and must be a current member of U.S. Figure Skating. A 250-word essay is required as well. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider’s website.

Cooke College Scholarship Program

Deadline: November 17, 2022

Award Amount: Up to $40,000 per year

Overview: The Cooke College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities.

Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April annually

Award: $1,000

Overview: In honor of former Iowa State University basketball player Brian Pearson, who died of brain cancer in the fall of 1997, the Iowa Games began awarding the Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship in 1998. One $1,000 scholarship annually will be awarded to one male and one female Iowan. Throughout the selection process, the degree of participation in the Iowa Games will be given consideration, as well as the applicant’s display of character.

Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: May 15 annually 

Award: $3,000

Overview: The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of Paul Bernot. The mission of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student with a passion for fitness/athletics who is a legal resident of the United States of America, is pursuing post high school education, and who is currently or has previously been diagnosed/treated for cancer.

Bill Kane Scholarship

Deadline: October 15 annually 

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: The award is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to an undergraduate student. Recipients may spend the award in any manner they desire. Recipients will also receive a one-year complimentary student membership in SHAPE America. The application materials must be received by October 15.

Lee E. Schauer Scholarship

Deadline: April annually 

Award: $12,000

Overview:The Lee E. Schauer Scholarship is intended to reach students who may not qualify for other scholarships – “average” students who are involved in their community and in school activities, who are leaders and display character traits like caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, but whose GPA may eliminate them from consideration for other scholarships. The criteria for the scholarship are: college-bound Shelby County high school senior; 2.5 GPA; YMCA membership is not required, however, applicants who are members and also volunteered at the Y will receive additional consideration; participation in sports and/or fitness activities; commitment to community service as a volunteer, particularly at the Y; must demonstrate caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in daily life; and, must demonstrate leadership qualities. An amount of $12,000 is payable over 4 years, and students must establish proof of satisfactory progress to renew each year.

Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarships

Deadline: Please check back in January 2023 for updated information on the Triple Impact Competitor® Program.

Award: Up to $2,000

Overview: PCA awards scholarships of $500-$2,000 (depending on location) to high school athletes, based on their responses to questions pertaining to how they meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson.

Barbara A. Cooley Master’s Scholarship

Deadline: October 15 annually 

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: The award is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to a master’s level student. Recipients may spend the award in any manner they desire. Recipients will also receive a one-year complimentary student membership in SHAPE America. The application materials must be received by October 15.

Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship

Deadline: June annually

Award: $500

Overview: The Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship is a $500 merit-based award for Jewish high school seniors and current college students.

Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship

Deadline: October 15 annually 

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: Since 1995, SHAPE America has awarded scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate student members. The Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship, developed by the past presidents of SHAPE America to honor deserving students, is awarded to three undergraduate students and two graduate students in January of each year. All scholarships are presented at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo held in the spring.

WWGF Scholarship

Deadline: The application is available starting Nov. 1. All applications and supporting documents should be completed and submitted by March 4.

Award Amount: $2,000

Overview: The Foundation is an outgrowth of the Women’s Western Golf Association. Its primary sources of income have been contributions by Association members, proceeds from golf clubs and groups participating in the annual Foundation Scholarship Day event, proceeds from the WWGA Tournaments, and individual donations from friends and benefactors.

Athletic Scholarships for Volleyball Players 2019-2020

MHSSA Scholar Athlete Award

Deadline: The deadline is Friday, Dec. 2, at 4:00 p.m. 120 Finalists will be announced in late January and the 32 winners will be announced throughout February.

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: For 30 years, the MHSAA and Farm Bureau Insurance have honored the best student-athletes in Michigan. Again this year they will award 32 students with $1,000 scholarships based on achievement and leadership in athletics and activities, as well as responses to short-answer and essay questions. In many ways, this is the most prestigious honor the MHSAA awards annually.

Rusty Kanokogi Fund For The Advancement Of U.S. Judo

Deadline: See application 

Award Amount: Up to $5,000

Overview: The Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo was established in 2009 to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring judo athletes with successful competitive records who have the potential to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings.  Requests for assistance are considered for coaching, specialized training, equipment, athletic apparel and/or travel. An individual may request up to $5,000. The Fund was established by Richard Ader and is replenished through earnings on the endowment and donations.

20 Potential Scholarships for the Top 10 Academic Majors

Graywood Youth Horsemanship Grant

Deadline: February 1, 2023

Award Amount: See Website

Overview: The American Morgan Horse Institute, Inc. encourages excellence in youth by providing scholarships and grants to outstanding young men and women. It is intended that recipients of this grant be Morgan youth club or American Morgan Horse Association members, ages 13 – 21, in good standing. Recipient need not own his/her own Morgan horse nor have competed in any particular number of shows nor have achieved any particular degree of ribbon placement at any show.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Student Scholarship

Deadline: June 1, 2023

Award: $1,000

Overview: The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Scholarship Program is for high school seniors who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution. A scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to one male and one female each year. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student-athlete must have been associated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer for at least the past two years. Each application (and supporting documentation) must be received on or before June 1st 2023. Massachusetts Youth Soccer will select the best-qualified applicants. The scholarship will be paid to each recipient after they have completed a full semester and it will be paid by a check made payable to the recipient and mailed to their home address listed on the scholarship application. In addition each recipient will be invited to attend the Annual Awards Banquet in January 2024. 

ACE Grants

Deadline: Application will open January 2023

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant provides financial assistance to young men and women who aspire to earn a college golf scholarship through competitive junior golf.

Dr. Prentice Gautt Postgraduate Scholarship

Deadline: See Website

Award Amount: $10,000

Overview: The scholarships are named in honor of the late Dr. Prentice Gautt, a former Big 12 Conference staff member and student services’ pioneer who passed away in March 2005. The list of all-time recipients has grown to 441 since the inception of the league in 1996-97. Starting in 2002-03, additional funding increased scholarship award winners to two per member institution.

Athletic Scholarships for Basketball Players 2019-2020

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarships

Deadline: 2023 applications will open early December 2022.

Award Amount: Awards Vary

Overview: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ scholarship application is a two part process starting with an online application, then followed by supplemental application documents. Once you have submitted the online portion, the supplemental documents will be emailed to you. Application samples will be posted once available.

The John F. & Edith L. Wilsterman Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: March 15, 2023

Award Amount: $20,000

Overview: Applications for Wilsterman Scholarships may be submitted by students who have graduated from a high school located within Genesee County, Michigan. Applications may be submitted in any of the six years following the year of graduation from high school.

Unlike typical scholarships, GPA is not a controlling factor. The Wilsterman Foundation is interested first and foremost in finding students who have great potential but may have struggled in high school due to extenuating circumstances such as work, family issues, setbacks or even “late blooming”.

VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship”

Deadline: Applications for the fall semester will be accepted Jan. 1 through April 30.
Applications for the spring semester will be accepted Aug. 1 through Nov. 15.

Award: $5,000

Overview: The VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” provides service members and veterans with the financial assistance they need to complete their educational goals without incurring excessive student loan debt. It’s just another way for us to say “thank you” to those who fought for our freedoms.

24 NO ESSAY Scholarships for the Class of 2020

Ramblers Scholarship

Deadline:The application process is open annually from January 1 – May 1.

Award: $2,500

Overview: Established in 2016, the Ramblers Scholarship supports student athletes pursuing an undergraduate education who self-identify publicly as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI), or as demonstrated and committed straight allies. Awardees will receive a one-time scholarship, paid directly to their school to cover tuition fees. Up to two scholarships of $2,500 each will be awarded publicly each summer. The application process is open annually from January 1 – June 1.

The Mike Lozano Scholarship

Deadline: February 11, 2023

Award: $2,500

Overview: The Mike Lozano Scholarship is given annually to a graduating high school senior athlete from the northernmost 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required and students must be interested in pursuing a degree in education and/or coaching for the purpose of teaching and coaching at the high school level upon graduation from college. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider’s website.

USABA Scholarship Program

Deadline: Check back for 2023 application

Award: $500

Overview: USABA is pleased to announce the 2020 USABA Scholarship Program, including the I C You Foundation Valor Achievement Award and the Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarships. Both the Valor Achievement Award and the Copeland Scholarships will be awarded to one male and one female athlete, each in the amount of $500. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2020.

High School Student Athlete Scholarship

Deadline: December 31, 2022

Award Amount: $1,000

Overview: Playing sports at the collegiate level is an amazing experience and may also lead to athletic scholarships to help pay for tuition. Our award is a $1,000 scholarship to students who wish to continue their athletic participation in college. You must be a high school senior or younger student athlete or parent applying on behalf of a student athlete.

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