How I Found the Perfect Institution to Study Economics

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My story of how I found the perfect institution to study economics is unconventional because I was not originally looking to study economics. Instead, I am going to tell you how my perfect institution helped me find the right major for me.

Throughout high school, I did not think much about a major, career path, or anything specific. My goal was to attend college like no others in my family had before. I spent so much time concentrating on the present that I almost never thought of the future. That lasted until the summer of 2015 when I attended Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, or PFEW for short. This week-long summer program has rising juniors and seniors participate in business-like simulations and compete against other teams to be “top company.” It incorporates business and economics with other valuable skills, like effective communication and team building. I attended this program at Lycoming College, which served as a great introduction to college life. As I entered my senior year, it was time to make a choice about my future and what I wanted it to look like. When I eventually made my decision to attend Lycoming, I looked back on my fond memories of PFEW and knew it would be the perfect institution for me.

The journey did not stop there. I came to Lycoming with the intention of majoring in accounting. However, I quickly realized that this was not my passion and became concerned that I made the wrong choice. For a time, I was not sure where to turn for help and started to lose hope. Then I received an email about a small information session about how to select and declare a major. The faculty leading the session provided great materials and advice. Around the same time, I was taking an introductory economics class called Principles of Macroeconomics. Using the information I obtained from the session, I learned that I appreciated economics and that I could envision it as my major. With the extensive resources provided to me as a Lycoming Student, I was able to settle into a major I am passionate about. It also helped me  discover not just one, but two minors!

Although my story is not typical, Lycoming College has given me the tools and opportunities I needed to seek my aspirations and goals. That is how my perfect institution has led me to study economics.

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