7 Fears About College to Ignore

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Starting college is a scary time. You’re finishing a whole chapter of grade school and starting college, which is a completely new book! That comes with lots of questions and lots of fears that may rack up the closer you get to your move-in date. But have no fear! College isn’t as scary as it may seem.

1. “Professors are going to be a lot stricter than high school teachers!”

We’ve all heard the warning from a high school teacher who’s just had enough. “You’re not going to get away with this in college.” “Professors won’t accept this kind of work!” Though these cautions prepared us for a higher level of expectation, it’s really all bark and no bite. Some professors don’t even keep track if you come to class. However, with this freedom comes responsibility, since they expect to work with responsible adults. They aren’t going to follow you around to remind you to turn in assignments, and they won’t take it easy on you just because you missed class one day.

However, developing relationships with these mentors can be very beneficial to taking the next step in your career. They’ve been in your shoes and can help you with where you want to go. Don’t take them for granted.

2. “College classes are going to be a lot harder!”

Yes, but also no. It’s a higher level of thinking and education, so yes, it’s going to be more difficult and require a lot more work. But if you’ve chosen the right major and field of study, it can be fun to see how your outlook and skills develop over your years in college.

Most campuses also have a huge network of support to help you with classes that you may be struggling with. At Corban University, we have a Writing Lab where students are hired as tutors to help grade their peers’ papers. There are also many other tutors for different subjects who can help you with a class that you may be struggling with. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or professor.

3. “I don’t know what I want to major in!”

If you’re struggling with deciding on what you want to spend thousands of dollars on studying, don’t feel like you’re alone! There have been PLENTY of students at universities across the globe who aren’t exactly sure what field they want to go into. The good thing is that you have time! Most schools require their students to complete a list of general education classes that walk them through a variety of subjects, such as math, science, history, and writing. This is a good opportunity to sift through which classes you do and don’t like. Underclassmen also have the time to try out different classes as electives for fields they might be interested in.

4. “I’m going to drown in debt forever!”

No matter where you go in life or which route you choose, money is a looming ghoul that will always haunt you. But if you choose to go toward an education that can inevitably help you be successful in your career and get a better-paying job, why not take the opportunity?

There’s also a handy solution to avoiding a lot of college debt: scholarships! The earlier, the better. The more, the better! There are thousands of scholarships online that can help you pay for college. It will definitely aid in the financial burden that a lot of college students face. Get a headstart while you can and start applying!

5. “What if I hate my roommate?”

No matter your age, the thought of living in the same room as a stranger is scary. What if you don’t get along? What if they make smelly food all the time? What if they’re always being loud when you’re trying to sleep? The good thing is, you’re not chained to this person for life. In fact, a lot of schools have roommate change request forms if you decide that you and your roommate just aren’t getting along.

The nice part about college is that you get the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people with whom you may get along well enough to be your roommates in the future!

6. “Is freshman 15 real?”

Oh, yeah. But not everybody falls victim to this curse. A lot of freshmen become overwhelmed with the fact that they are in charge of their own lives now. That means they can go get whatever they want at the grocery store or dining hall! But this also means that they don’t have their mother looking over their shoulder telling them not to eat a bunch of junk food. But another reason why it’s so common is because you’re still a growing adult.

Though freedom has a lot to do with it, stress is one of the big factors that can contribute to weight gain. The hassle of a new life and dealing with an immense load of responsibility can be overbearing for some people. But this is avoidable! Go visit to gym on campus, make conscious health decisions, and avoid stress-eating. Especially when finals week hits! 

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7. “I’m not good at making friends.”

This is a big fear that a lot of incoming students (including myself) worry about the most when going to a new school. If you’re like me and are going to a school far away from home, packing up and moving to a completely new place where you don’t know anybody can be very daunting.

Thankfully, colleges are filled with lots of clubs that will adhere to all sorts of interests you may have. Find a club that catches your eye and you will be guaranteed to find people with similar interests that might spark a friendship.

Many schools also arrange a lot of events for students with similar majors. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in classes with people in the same department. This is a good time to get to know their names since you’ll most likely be spending the next four years doing group projects and other activities together. Plus, you’ve already found one thing in common if you guys have the same major!

In the end, college is a life-changing experience that you won’t want to miss. Although starting a new school is a big step, don’t let any of these fears get in the way of experiencing all you can in those short four years.

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