2023 Best Undergraduate Education Schools in New York

2022-2023 Education Colleges of Distinction

Published: September 1, 2022

By: Colleges of Distinction Staff

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Simply put, our nation’s teachers are our future; they shape the leaders, politicians, scientists, authors, and artists of tomorrow. Surely we can all recount a few special teachers that made an impact on our lives, and we have their hard work and dedication to thank for that. That is why Colleges of Distinction is proud to share a cohort of schools that excel in their commitment to nurturing and supporting future educators. Freshly selected for the 2022-2023 year, the Education Colleges of Distinction are sure to equip students with the necessary skills and experience needed to excel. Prospective students can choose from our hand-picked list of colleges and universities that offer the following distinct qualities:

Our New York top colleges for education offer students an exciting place to learn and thrive, as proven by the following:

Stability and Excellence: These programs have reputations for quality and success, and students know that their degrees will be respected and desired by future employers. Institutions who have earned the education badge have the highest accreditations and have been awarding teaching degrees for at least ten years.

Multidisciplinary Exposure: One of the most important decisions a future teacher will make is what field of education they will go into. Whether it’s childhood, elementary, secondary, or special education, prospective students know there are options to explore at these schools. These well-rounded programs also allow students to earn a specialization to further define and hone their skill set.

Practical Experience: These colleges and universities go beyond the required number of hours of student teaching. They push their students to get practical experience as early and often as possible so they may be prepared and confident when they step into their first classroom.

Non-education Specializations: These programs encourage students to think and learn outside the box. Students can minor or specialize in a different discipline to round out their education and enhance their teaching.

Dedicated Advising and Counseling: The path to a teaching degree can be complex and overwhelming at times. Schools that have earned the Education badge have demonstrated a commitment to supporting students with excellent counselors and advisors.

High-Impact Practices: While all Colleges of Distinction are recognized for their high-impact practices, those with the Education badge ensure that their programs incorporate relevant and focused high-impact practices, including first-year seminars, service-learning among area schools, and collaborative projects.

Industry Connections: Students are able to forge connections for their career through internships, networking events, and alumni programs.

Adelphi University logo

Adelphi University

Garden City, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Adelphi University provides students with a personalized education that fully prepares them for successful, fulfilling careers. Adelphi students graduate with the knowledge and ability to compete and excel in their chosen fields and address the needs of their communities. Internships, many of them paid, are central to an Adelphi education and help students refine their career objectives, make connections, and gain work experience.

Welcoming one of its most diverse classes ever in the fall of 2019, Adelphi has students from 41 states and 58 countries, providing an environment that encourages cultural and personal growth. New York City is a short train ride away, so students further benefit from the city’s rich intellectual and social opportunities.

Committed to making its investment pay off, Adelphi offered $78.5 million in merit- and need-based financial aid to its undergraduate students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Among first-year, full-time students, 98.9 percent receive some form of financial aid, and 87.2 percent receive generous grants and scholarships.

Launch your teaching career at our highly ranked School of Education. Or find a rewarding profession in communication sciences and disorders, or health and sport sciences, in our School of Health Sciences. Your career of purpose begins here.

Acceptance rate 75%      •      Net price $29,821      •      SAT Range 1060-1250      •      Students submitting SAT scores 81%
Total Undergrad Population 7,584      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 72%      •      Retention rate 82%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 12:1

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Canisius College

Buffalo, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

Canisius students receive a transformational education. They work with professors on world-changing research projects, participate in a rigorous academic curriculum, and actively create a better community on both a local and global scale. The College is not just a place from which to earn a degree, but rather a haven for success and true education. Students who are fascinated by the world and curious about their place in it are bound to thrive at Canisius.

Programs offered in the School of Education and Human Services are designed to prepare socially committed professionals for careers in education, administration, counseling, health and wellness and sports-related fields. Students receive quality instruction, individualized attention and mentoring from expert-level faculty. Strategic placements in classrooms, clinics and organizations provide students with supervised, practical experience and training to further develop the knowledge and skills needed in their chosen career path.

Acceptance rate 76%      •      Net price $18,828      •      SAT Range 1040-1240      •      Students submitting SAT scores 92%
Total Undergrad Population 2,820      •      Setting City: Large      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 69%      •      Retention rate 82%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1

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The City College of New York Logo

City College of New York

New York, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

The City College of New York, the founding institution of the City University of New York (CUNY) system, is home to eight schools and divisions, each dedicated to the advancement of research and knowledge. Since 1847, The City College of New York has been witness to countless changemakers; it hosted Albert Einstein’s first presentation of his theory of general relativity outside of Europe, and its alumni have made such revolutionary contributions as discovering the polio vaccine, building the Internet, and designing the Panama Canal. Several alumni have gone on to become Supreme Court Justices, Secretaries of State, leaders of industry, world-renowned researchers, and award-winning actors and musicians.

The City College of New York, the founding institution of the City University of New York (CUNY) system, is home to eight schools and divisions, each dedicated to the advancement of research and knowledge. Since 1847, The City College of New York has been witness to countless changemakers; it hosted Albert Einstein’s first presentation of his theory of general relativity outside of Europe, and its alumni have made such revolutionary contributions as discovering the polio vaccine, building the Internet, and designing the Panama Canal. Several alumni have gone on to become Supreme Court Justices, Secretaries of State, leaders of industry, world-renowned researchers, and award-winning actors and musicians.

Acceptance rate 51%      •      Net price $4,546      •      SAT Range 1050-1260      •      Students submitting SAT scores 96%
Total Undergrad Population 15,227      •      Setting City: Large      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 60%      •      Retention rate 80%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 15:1

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College of Mount Saint Vincent

Riverdale, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

The College of Mount Saint Vincent seeks to engage the development of the whole person. Every field of study emphasizes analytical skills; critical thinking; clear communication; and moral and religious thought—essentials for success in every profession. The Mount offers over 70 nationally recognized degree programs and course offerings, including majors and minors in the sciences and mathematics, humanities and the arts, social sciences, accounting, business, communication, education, and nursing, among others. The College has more than 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students who come from 28 states and 9 countries. Faculty have excellent academic credentials and share a passion for teaching and engaging their students. And because they teach small classes, they are able to give their students personalized attention and hands-on learning experiences.

The Department of Teacher Education prepares educators who are passionate about their profession, who are committed to creating a caring and nurturing teaching environment for all students, who demonstrate commitment to the idea that every student has the right and ability to learn, and who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to foster the emotional, social, and academic development of each student they serve. 

Acceptance rate 93%      •      Net price $20,778      •      SAT Range 910-1090      •      Students submitting SAT scores 81%
Total Undergrad Population 2,663      •      Setting City: Large      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 63%      •      Retention rate 76%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 14:1

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Daemen College logo

Daemen University

Amherst, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Daemen is a student-centered University with dedicated, highly qualified faculty who value personalized teaching and intellectual excellence. The university prepares students for successful careers by offering rigorous academic programs that develop the liberal arts-based skills necessary for lifelong learning and intellectual growth.

Daemen is a private, non-sectarian, co-educational comprehensive university. It was founded in 1947 as Rosary Hill College by the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity. In 1976, the University became independent and non-sectarian.

Daemen’s diverse education program options allow you to teach the subject you are most passionate about, making an impact on generations to come.

Acceptance rate 62%      •      Net price $19,314
Total Undergrad Population 2,536      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 58%      •      Retention rate 79%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1

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dominican university new york

Dominican University New York

Orangeburg, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

Since 1952, Dominican University New York has provided students with an environment that cultivates unique bonds and life-long relationships. It is a unique environment where the building of personal connections shares center stage with academics. There are many reasons why students from across the country and the world choose Dominican University New York. The small, personal classes translate into a highly individualized educational experience for each student. The College’s convenient location in the scenic Hudson Valley area, just 17 miles from New York City, feels like a home away from home.

In each course you will experience how the School of Education accepts and witnesses to the Dominican Catholic tradition while encouraging respect for other traditions. In partnership with internationally recognized faculty, you will prepare to be a teacher and an educational leader. You will explore the latest educational research, integrate instructional technologies into curricula, and develop the knowledge and skills to address the diverse learning and social-emotional needs of today’s students.

Acceptance rate 75%      •      Net price $20,951
Total Undergrad Population 1,724      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 48%      •      Retention rate 73%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 13:1

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Elmira College logo

Elmira College

Elmira, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

A national, top-tier liberal arts college founded in 1855, Elmira College is proud of its 160-year reputation for academic distinction. From the very beginning, Elmira has placed its focus on academic rigor. It was, in fact, the first college for women with a course of study equal in rigor to the best men’s colleges of the time. Today, as a co-educational institution, Elmira continues that same focus on academic rigor and student opportunities.

Students at Elmira College are immersed in a community of study, research, community service, and campus life. Opportunities abound for students to conduct undergraduate research, present at national and international conferences, and have their work published in scholarly journals. Every student completes a career-related internship and, as a collective, the student body completes more than 15,000 hours of community service.

Our curriculum will prepare you to plan, construct, and deliver compelling lessons; create inclusive and supportive learning environments; and integrate new and emerging technologies for classroom use. You’ll enjoy small class sizes, taught by professors who are committed to helping their students grow into articulate, compassionate, and impactful educators.

Acceptance rate 83%      •      Net price $21,944      •      SAT Range 890-1302      •      Students submitting SAT scores 39%
Total Undergrad Population 768      •      Setting City: Small      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 67%      •      Retention rate 69%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 10:1

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Hunter College - City University of New York wordmark with logo

Hunter College

New York, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

Welcome to the Hunter College’s School of Education, founded in 1870 as New York City’s first teacher-preparation school. Our School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of deeply thoughtful, knowledgeable and highly effective teachers, administrators and counselors and to the advancement of scholarship that will improve knowledge about and the conditions of our communities. We approach these purposes with a shared belief that the promise of education to improve lives cannot be accomplished without addressing existing societal inequities and injustices.

Under the leadership of President Jennifer J. Raab, the President of Hunter College, SOE faculty, staff and students make significant contributions to lives of individuals, families and communities. Graduates of our programs assume roles of responsibility and leadership in PreK-12 classrooms, schools and school districts, research and policy centers, and community agencies. By using reflective practice and translating research into action, they are prepared to guide the academic, social and emotional development of children, adolescents and adults.

The Hunter College School of Education relies on strong partnerships in local schools and agencies to enhance the experience of our students. We believe our work is built on the strengths and assets of the dynamic urban community in which we live.

Acceptance rate 40%      •      Net price $4,014      •      SAT Range 1170-1340      •      Students submitting SAT scores 95%
Total Undergrad Population 24,052      •      Setting City: Large      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 56%      •      Retention rate 84%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 15:1

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Iona University New York Logo

Iona University

New Rochelle, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

In the tradition of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic higher education, Iona University is a diverse community of learners and scholars dedicated to academic excellence. Iona’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators embody the values of justice, peace, and service. Together, the Iona University community shares a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of others and to move the world.

Iona, located just 20 miles north of Midtown Manhattan, provides students the opportunity to learn in small classes and labs, work with accomplished teachers and scholars, and gain hands-on experiences that transform their views of the world and pave the way to exciting careers.

If you have always dreamed of teaching, Iona’s Education Department is the place to start. Becoming a teacher and professional educator is a lifelong journey of learning and caring – and your lifelong journey starts with Iona.

You will be prepared for success in today’s classrooms through a combination of New York State-approved curriculum and mentorship from faculty who are experienced teachers, principals and school superintendents.

Join the new generation of knowledgeable teachers who consider the whole child in instructional planning and teaching!

Acceptance rate 86%      •      Net price $29,103      •      SAT Range 1000-1190      •      Students submitting SAT scores 48%
Total Undergrad Population 3,590      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 60%      •      Retention rate 77%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 15:1

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Keuka College logo and wordmark

Keuka College

Keuka Park, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Many students agree that attending Keuka College is like joining a new family. The growing campus community supports personal experiences in all facets of student life. Keuka College professors, accomplished contributors to their respective fields of scholarship, consider teaching their calling and guide every student in the work of educating her or himself.

Outside of the classroom, Keuka College teams play in the NCAA Division III level with an emphasis on student-athlete involvement. Students from more than twenty states and nine countries attend Keuka College, adding both diversity and experience to the campus. To be part of the Keuka College community is to develop a more intimate and appreciative relationship to the world.

What does it mean to be an extraordinary teacher? As an Education major at Keuka College, you’ll explore cutting-edge tools, techniques, and technology that will help you motivate your students and unlock their potential.

You’ll take courses in assessment, psychology, literacy, classroom management, and integrative methods to prepare you to teach in a variety of settings. As a graduate, you’ll be committed to a lifetime of reflective practice, collaborative service, and ethical leadership. 

Your Education degree program has strong roots in the liberal arts and sciences, and will expose you to the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to truly master your chosen content area.

Our partnerships with local and regional school districts ensure that you’ll graduate with an extensive network of teachers, principals, and superintendents who know what you’re capable of.

Acceptance rate 91%      •      Net price $26,126
Total Undergrad Population 1,535      •      Setting Town      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 53%      •      Retention rate 65%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 12:1

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Long Island University

Brooklyn, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Founded in 1926, Long Island University educates and empowers men and women from all walks of life through a rigorous liberal arts education. As one of the largest private universities, LIU’s multiple campuses throughout New York and around the world offer more than 500 undergraduate degrees, all of which come with a liberal arts foundation that prepares students for lifelong success. This wide-reaching scope of LIU—across both physical locations as well as academic disciplines—firmly proves the success of its mission: Access and Excellence. 

The University’s original downtown location offers students a place to cultivate continual growth and broaden their intercultural and education experience. LIU Brooklyn offers many opportunities for students to learn both in the classroom and out in the world. Students at LIU Brooklyn strive to become their best selves thanks to the plethora of activities available at their fingertips, whether they be academic or extracurricular. This lively college environment is designed for growth, success, and true fulfillment.

The KEEPS mission statement of the School of Education addresses one of the most important questions in urban education today:
How can urban educators be expertly prepared to meet rising academic standards while recognizing the unique experiences and strengths of urban schools and their children.

Acceptance rate 85%      •      Net price $25,031      •      SAT Range 1080-1290      •      Students submitting SAT scores 84%
Total Undergrad Population 15,066      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 41%      •      Retention rate 77%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 10:1

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Manhattan College campus

Manhattan College

Riverdale, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

With over 160 years of history, Manhattan College is at the forefront of outstanding, comprehensive colleges. Through the years, one constant has guided the College: the Lasallian Catholic heritage upon which it was built. Christian Brothers and lay teachers alike have educated generations of leaders with five programs in the arts, business, education, engineering, the sciences, and over 40 major fields of study for virtually any chosen profession. A student-faculty ratio of approximately 12:1 allows students to receive individual attention and support, providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed in both the classroom and in the workforce.

There’s no other education quite like this, created in the spirit of the man who invented modern teaching, St. John Baptist de La Salle. The achievement, humanity, opportunity, and community of innovative Lasallian education has been the passionate mission of Manhattan College since 1853.

Acceptance rate 78%      •      Net price $32,044
Total Undergrad Population 3,965      •      Setting City: Large      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 70%      •      Retention rate 83%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1

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Manhattanville College logo

Manhattanville College

Purchase, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Manhattanville College is a small, private liberal arts institution dedicated to academic excellence, purposeful education, and social justice. Located 30 miles from New York City on a 100-acre suburban campus in the heart of bustling Westchester County, Manhattanville enables easy access to robust entertainment offerings, educational resources, and business opportunities for its primarily residential and diverse student body. The College serves approximately 1,500 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students from more than 44 countries and 33 states.

Manhattanville College School of Education prepares PreK-12 teachers and administrators, higher education and community leaders, and education entrepreneurs, most of whom work in the tri-state area. It offers flexible day and evening classes that accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, the School of Education offers a variety of degrees and programs including bachelor of arts, master of education, master of professional studies, doctor of education, professional diplomas, and certificates of advanced study.

The School of Education also offers dual degree programs for undergraduate students to complete a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s degree in education, as well as an accelerated graduate program, Jump Start, which prepares you to begin teaching in your own classroom within one year.

Acceptance rate 90%      •      Net price $24,499
Total Undergrad Population 2,408      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 64%      •      Retention rate 80%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 10:1

Learn more about Manhattanville’s education program

molloy university

Molloy University

Rockville Centre, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

Molloy University, an independent Catholic institution in Rockville Centre, was founded in 1955. The University serves a student population of approximately 4,900 undergraduate and graduate students. Molloy students can earn degrees in a variety of outstanding academic programs, including nursing, business, education, social work, music therapy, computer studies, and many more.

Molloy College’s founding principles of study, spirituality, service and community are well-represented by our outstanding students, faculty and alumni in the fields of Education, Social Work and, Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Our programs teach, inspire, and prepare professionals to become reflective practitioners who transform their communities by serving each individual in their care.

You can turn your passion for education into effective teaching with undergraduate, dual-degree, master’s and doctoral programs that combine a solid liberal arts foundation with national, state and institutional teaching and learning standards. Molloy graduates rank among the best prepared in the field and go on to hold prestigious positions in education. 

Acceptance rate 74%      •      Net price $27,454      •      SAT Range 1080-1250      •      Students submitting SAT scores 91%
Total Undergrad Population 5,115      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 72%      •      Retention rate 88%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 10:1

Learn more about Molloy’s education program

Nazareth College Logo

Nazareth College

Rochester, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Innovative, student centered, and committed to excellence, Nazareth College prepares students for lifelong success on its classic, welcoming suburban campus. Its location in the preeminent college town of Rochester, NY, means that students are situated perfectly in a community of academic, personal, and professional opportunities. 

Nazareth offers over 60 majors across disciplines, from the fine arts and humanities to the social, natural, and health sciences. All students are immersed in an experience-driven core curriculum that teaches them to put their studies into action, all while building community and forming relationships that will last a lifetime.

Offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate teacher education degree and certification-only programs, the School of Education provides many opportunities for students to pursue their life’s work as changemaker educators.

Acceptance rate 76%      •      Net price $31,521
Total Undergrad Population 2,791      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 71%      •      Retention rate 85%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 9:1

Learn more about Nazareth’s education program

Niagara University logo

Niagara University

Niagara, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

Founded in 1856, Niagara University is a comprehensive institution, blending the best of a liberal arts and professional education and grounded in a values-based, Catholic tradition. With more than 80 majors, nearly 60 minors, six pre-professional options, and 4+1 combined master’s programs, NU students are immersed in meaningful real-world learning opportunities from the moment they step foot on the university’s beautiful campus.

A student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1 and an average class size of approximately 19 allow for personal attention and classroom interaction. The faculty members at Niagara are internationally renowned for their abilities as researchers and teachers, helping students accomplish things they never thought possible. A recent survey indicated that 97 percent of Niagara’s graduating class was employed or enrolled in graduate school within one year of graduation.

The College of Education at Niagara University is dedicated to preparing the highest quality teachers, educational leaders, school and mental health counselors, and school psychologists; professionals who will make a difference for children, youth and their families.

Acceptance rate 92%      •      Net price $19,172      •      SAT Range 1015-1200      •      Students submitting SAT scores 71%
Total Undergrad Population 3,544      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 77%      •      Retention rate 80%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1

Learn more about Niagara University’s education program

SUNY Geneseo

Geneseo, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

SUNY Geneseo takes intellectual minds, transforms them to see their abilities, and then shows them how to be socially responsible citizens. Students enrolled at Geneseo are part of a collaborative environment, where academics meet civic engagement.

The Ella Cline Shear School of Education is committed to preparing teachers to move into the new reality of schools and education. We invite future teachers with the same commitments to join us in continuing a tradition of service to communities throughout New York and beyond.

The Ella Cline Shear School of Education is dedicated to preparing teachers committed to improving society and the lives of students through education. This dedication is based on the combination of a solid foundation in SUNY Geneseo’s liberal arts and sciences tradition, the School of Education’s conceptual framework and our partnerships with public and private school communities.

We offer teacher education candidates a complete experience that is rich in scholarly programs, diverse field placements, a range of student activities, and continuous academic advisement. Our graduates are trained in the full-scope of teacher preparation and enter the profession with the highest level of knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Acceptance rate 61%      •      Net price $18,684      •      SAT Range 1140-1310      •      Students submitting SAT scores 89%
Total Undergrad Population 4,911      •      Setting Town      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 78%      •      Retention rate 85%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 17:1

Learn more about SUNY Geneseo’s education program

SUNY New Paltz logo

SUNY New Paltz

New Paltz, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

The State University of New York at New Paltz is an academically rigorous public university in the heart of New York State’s scenic Hudson Valley, just 90 minutes north of metropolitan New York City.

The School of Education (SOE) offers baccalaureate degrees in Early Childhood/Childhood Education and Adolescence Education; master’s degrees in Early Childhood/Childhood and Adolescence Education, Literacy, Special Education, and Humanistic Education, as well as Certificates of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership.

SOE is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Most programs lead to our recommendation for New York State certification. As a graduate, you will be well-grounded in content, theoretical and historical perspectives, pedagogy, the Common Core Learning Standards and clinical practice.

Acceptance rate 62%      •      Net price $16,079      •      SAT Range 1070-1260      •      Students submitting SAT scores 91%
Total Undergrad Population 7,489      •      Setting Suburb      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 76%      •      Retention rate 87%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 15:1

Learn more about SUNY New Paltz’s education program

SUNY Oneonta logo

SUNY Oneonta

Oneonta, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

SUNY Oneonta is a mid-size, four-year, public college offering more than 60 majors and programs on a residential campus in Central New York. The college offers small classes, loads of campus activities, and a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities that help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for successful careers and further education.

The college is known as a caring campus where people are genuinely friendly and work hard to make everyone feel at home. Three core values support SUNY Oneonta’s mission: inclusivity, service and sustainability.

Oneonta’s education programs prepare future teachers to meet the demands of New York state’s rigorous certification process. The four departments within our Professional Education Unit work together to prepare students for the challenges and rewards of teaching at all levels of education, from birth to Grade 12.

Acceptance rate 63%      •      Net price $16,635      •      SAT Range 910-1121      •      Students submitting SAT scores 91%
Total Undergrad Population 6,718      •      Setting Town      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 76%      •      Retention rate 83%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 16:1

Learn more about SUNY Oneonta’s education program

SUNY Oswego logo

SUNY Oswego

Oswego, NY ‧ Public ‧ 4-year

SUNY Oswego offers engaging student life activities and programming alongside an exceptionally diverse curriculum with academic programs in four distinct schools: Business; Education; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Communication, Media & the Arts. The possibilities are endless with an extensive choice of academic options and majors, an outstanding faculty, internships, co-ops, service-learning, and study abroad opportunities that foster learning and encourage the exchange of ideas. Oswego is a campus of choice for students (around 8,000 students, some 7,000 of them full-time undergraduates) who become successful graduates achieving dreams, pursuing adventure, and embracing opportunity.

Housed in Park and Wilber Hall, our six academic departments offer over 40 undergraduate and graduate programs. The School of Education offers a wide range of programs for initial and professional certification for teachers along with school counselors, school psychologists, and administrators.

The two School of Education undergraduate programs not leading to teacher certification offer a unique multidisciplinary approach to prepare students for roles in technology management and wellness management fields.

Acceptance rate 69%      •      Net price $16,398      •      SAT Range 1020-1190      •      Students submitting SAT scores 99%
Total Undergrad Population 7,636      •      Setting Town      •      Public 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 65%      •      Retention rate 81%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 16:1

Learn more about SUNY Oswego’s education program

St. John Fisher University new Logo

St. John Fisher University

Rochester, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

St. John Fisher University has experienced significant enrollment and program growth, igniting fast-moving change to an already beautiful campus. It’s a place where tradition and innovation continue to be joined hand-in-hand.

The University stays true to the educational philosophy of its founders, applying liberal learning, high academic standards, and personal attention to each student.

Experiential learning and service-learning are central to all of Fisher’s 37 academic majors offered at the undergraduate level as well as many of its graduate programs. Students have countless chances throughout their years at the University to pursue internships and other networking opportunities as well as unique study abroad experiences.

Through our curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, led by our expert faculty and dedicated staff, our candidates develop into the educators and leaders the world needs today. Take a closer look at Fisher and experience an education that will prepare you to make a positive impact on the future.

Acceptance rate 68%      •      Net price $29,722      •      SAT Range 1060-1240      •      Students submitting SAT scores 94%
Total Undergrad Population 3,610      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 72%      •      Retention rate 90%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 12:1

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St. John’s University

Queens, NY ‧ Catholic ‧ 4-year

Those who become a part of St. John’s University discover a world of opportunity available at New York City’s largest Catholic university. For 150 years, St. John’s has prepared students to become real leaders in both their careers and communities. Today, St. John’s offers more than 100 academic programs, dynamic study abroad opportunities, and a focus on service, altogether supplying the knowledge and tools needed for success in a constantly changing world.

The School of Education offers Undergraduate and Dual Degree programs for students seeking to become teachers who want to transform the educational outcomes of children.

Acceptance rate 75%      •      Net price $26,771      •      SAT Range 1080-1300      •      Students submitting SAT scores 75%
Total Undergrad Population 20,143      •      Setting City: Large      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 64%      •      Retention rate 83%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 16:1

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St. Thomas Aquinas Wordmark with Torch Logo

St. Thomas Aquinas College

Sparkill, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

From the day students first arrive, St. Thomas Aquinas College celebrates their strengths, talents, and individuality. The College encourages students to push past their limits and strive for great things, providing the opportunities for students to learn and grow in mind, body, and soul. With a choice of leading-edge academic programs, exciting field experiences, NCAA Division II athletics, and an array of student clubs, students can explore their creativity and meet friends. Anyone can be who they are in a place where everyone knows their name.

The School of Education of St. Thomas Aquinas College is dedicated to preparing you for a rewarding career as a teacher, and the best way to do that is to give you many hands-on classroom experiences. Starting in Sophomore year, students take part in field experiences that expose you to real classroom environments, so that when you’re a Senior, you will be ready for your student teaching, where you have your own classroom in a local school district. 

Acceptance rate 87% • Net price $21,139      •      SAT Range 900-1150      •      Students submitting SAT scores 79%
Total Undergrad Population 1,779      •      Setting Suburb      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 61%      •      Retention rate 75%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 17:1

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College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York

The College of Saint Rose

Albany, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

The College of Saint Rose places an emphasis on embracing the individual, digging deep into discussion, promoting self-advocacy and advocacy for others, and then using education to serve what the community refers to as “the dear neighbor.”

Founded in 1920, Saint Rose provides comprehensive programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional continuing educational levels. Students’ majors of choice are all enriched by a well-rounded, perspective-building array of courses in the liberal arts and sciences. With additional opportunities for internships, study abroad, and research, every Saint Rose student is aptly prepared to be leaders for a civil society.

Over the past 100 years, Saint Rose has helped shape the minds of thousands of educators, counselors, school psychologists, speech pathologists, and administrators, developing a reputation for passionate, culturally competent graduates who are prepared to thrive in their careers. Hundreds of hours of fieldwork combined with expert instruction from faculty make our students’ top-choice candidates after graduation.

Acceptance rate 82%      •      Net price $21,818
Total Undergrad Population 3,863      •      Setting City: Small      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 59%      •      Retention rate 73%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 14:1

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Utica University new logo 75th anniversary

Utica University

Utica, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Utica University is an innovative, private university with the resources to personalize education for each and every student. 

Students leave Utica University with the tools needed to change the world in their workplaces and in their communities. With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, a comprehensive student support network, and cutting-edge facilities, a Utica University education prepares students for rewarding careers, responsible citizenship, enlightened leadership, and fulfilling lives.

With an award-winning curriculum that offers study options in a variety of distinctly high-demand areas of teaching, Utica’s graduate programs in education provide comprehensive preparation for a broad range of career-track opportunities.

Acceptance rate 86%      •      Net price $22,782
Total Undergrad Population 4,613      •      Setting City: Small      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 54%      •      Retention rate 78%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 12:1

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Wells College

Aurora, NY ‧ Private ‧ 4-year

Wells College is the place to explore interests and find one’s own unique voice. A world of possibilities lie within the lakeside campus, including DIII athletics, graduate-level research alongside professors, multiple student groups and organizations, and transferable financial aid that continues in semesters abroad. The relationships forged throughout a Wells education will prepare and guide students no matter where they go in life.

Wells offers a well-rounded, rigorous liberal arts degree aimed to inspire students to be creative, to embrace new ways of knowing, and to respond ethically to the interdependent worlds to which they belong. The College emphasizes community engagement, a cooperative residential atmosphere, and hands-on learning. Classes are small, and professors are attentive and dedicated to student success. 

Color outside the lines
Student with a child
Male student studying
The Wells College Education Program offers three paths to careers in education:
Our Inclusive Childhood Education Major leads to two teaching certifications for grades 1-6: Childhood Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities. This major, supported by a liberal arts minor, a multi-subject liberal arts core and a full semester of student teaching in general and special education classrooms, prepares you for working in today’s diverse elementary classrooms. Our Adolescence Certification Program, which pairs rigorous liberal arts majors with a rich, field-based education minor and a full semester of student teaching, prepares students for classrooms of their own after their four years at Wells. Our stand-alone minors in Childhood or Adolescence Education offers students a solid grounding in current educational theory and practice that prepares them for graduate study or work with children outside the classroom.

Inclusive Childhood Education Major leading to certification
Students earn New York State certification to teach in grades 1-6 general and special education classrooms. Leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.

Adolescence Certification
Students earn New York State certification to teach in a specific subject area for grades 7-12.

Education Minor
Students receive a solid foundation in current education theory and practice.

Wells-Warner 4+1 Program
Students earn New York State certification (either Childhood or Adolescence) at Wells and need only one additional year to complete their M.A.T. or M.S. at the Margaret Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.

Wells College endeavors to prepare teachers for the complexity of the 21st century classroom. Therefore, methods courses have a significant field placement component, in which students observe current classroom teachers in their chosen field and are given the opportunity to practice the strategies they’re learning in their Wells courses with elementary and secondary students. Our students complete an education internship as well as their student teaching placements; the combination meets the Wells College experiential learning requirement. Thus, by the end of their four years at Wells, students in the education program are well-versed in current, effective, research-based instructional practices and have a deep understanding of not only what works in the classroom, but why.

Acceptance rate 64%      •      Net price $20,066
Total Undergrad Population 357      •      Setting Rural      •      Private 4-year
Graduation rate (6 year) 56%      •      Retention rate 52%      •      Student-to-faculty ratio 9:1

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What it’s like to attend education schools in New York and other FAQ:

What are average tuition costs in New York?

The average undergraduate tuition & fees for colleges in New York is $7,546 for in-state students at public institutions, $14,472 for out-of-state students at public institutions, and $22,507 for students at private institutions.

Most popular education degree programs in New York

The largest share of education degrees award in New York in 2020 were specialized by the following:
Elementary Education and Teaching
Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
Elementary Special Education Programs
Social Studies Teacher Education
Music Teacher Education

Cheapest education degree program in New York

Hunter College has an average net price of $4,014, making it the least expensive education degree program in New York that made our list.

Education degree program with lowest student debt in New York

Hunter College has a median total debt after graduation of $12,000. This is the typical debt for a student who completed their undergraduate degree.

Easiest education degree program to get into in New York

The College of Mount Saint Vincent has an acceptance rate of 93%, making it the least exclusive education program in New York that made our list.

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