Colleges of Distinction 2019 Guidebook: The Best Fit for Your Future

Nathan Wilgeroth

The Best Fit for Your Future.

You’re a unique student with your own interests, your own needs, and your own goals. What’s right for you isn’t right for everyone, and vice versa. So why are there college rankings lists out there that claim to know which university is #1 for everyone?

At Colleges of Distinction, we give praise to schools that put the student experience first. We recognize that a high-quality education is one that can be catered to each student’s individuality. It’s only common sense—the best names in higher education are the ones that prioritize education!

In Colleges of Distinction 2019, you’ll find a cohort schools that we have hand-picked and recognized as institutions whose primary goals are based on student success and satisfaction. And in addition to nearly 400 examples of amazing public and private schools, this guidebook is also packed with advice to help you find the school that’s best for what makes YOU thrive.

This is the launching pad for your college search.

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With checklists, articles, and advice for navigating college admissions, Colleges of Distinction 2019 is your go-to resource for the kinds of questions to ask and the kinds of qualities to look for as you explore your options. This guidebook won’t tell you where to go to college, but it will help you make an informed decision so that you can have the most positive experience in this formative time of your life.

Just a bit more of what you’ll find:

  • Tips for choosing a college major
  • The value of a liberal arts education
  • College application advice
  • SAT and ACT study tips
  • Ways to pay for college and win scholarships
  • PLUS: Spotlights of well-rounded business, education, engineering, and nursing degrees!

Once you know what you want in a school, we think the profiles in this book are a great place to start your college search. To be included as a College of Distinction, an institution must meet four criteria:

  1. Engaged Students
  2. Great Teaching
  3. Vibrant Community
  4. Successful Outcomes

Verifying that a school meets our high standards is a detailed process of interviews and hands-on research, so you can be sure that every school has been thoroughly vetted. This college guide is pre-filtered for quality in academics, administration, campus life, and all you’re really looking for in a list of the best colleges.

Schools that qualify as Colleges of Distinction have smaller class sizes, a greater focus on students’ individual needs, and are run by faculty and staff who do an excellent job of preparing their students for successful careers and top-notch graduate schools.


The best college for you is out there. Simplify your search, explore the Colleges of Distinction, and discover the school that’s right for you.

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