Advice to Colleges From A Generation Z Undergraduate

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From a Generation Z undergraduate student’s perspective, colleges across the country are gradually becoming alike. All universities advertise their various academic programs and job placement after graduation to prospective students. However, one thing that many universities fail to focus on is the overall student experience. The extracurricular activities, campus organizations, annual concerts, and momentous celebrations that students partake in outside of the classroom all play a crucial role in the student experience. Many schools offer bachelor’s degrees; however, not every university can offer the same four-year experience to its students. If a student feels as though they are not at home or welcomed on campus, they are less likely to continue studying at that university and even less likely to have positive academic experiences.

A diverse selection of academic programs will capture the attention of many students. Nevertheless, it is the overall experience that retains students and makes their journey worthwhile. Even when a student does not return to a university because of their mediocre experience, this gives rise to a negative body of feedback from which the university will not benefit.

Down the road, alumni will not feel motivated or compelled to give back to their alma mater due to their mediocre encounter. But if a student were to have a positive and moving four-year experience, on the other hand, they would be more open after graduation to pour back into the same community that fostered them. This could lead to a potential faucet of resources for current undergraduate students looking for employment, mentorships, and other opportunities. 

With more satisfied alumni comes more potential donors who want to see the university thrive and continue to make an impact on others. One could even say that, even without the academic portion of a university, the network and connections made from a worthwhile student experience would overshadow whatever shortcomings there may be.

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