Advice From a College RA

Claire Winters / Florida Southern College »

There’s no “right” way to spend your time in college, but showing up for activities that are important to you can make your time at school the best it can be. Read on to hear what Claire Winters, a student and Resident Advisor (RA) at Florida Southern College, has to say about optimizing your college experience.

Get Involved! 

College is a great place to start the next four years of your life and education. Not only are the academic classes interesting, but the ability to get involved on campus is so important and so fun! In high school I was very involved with the dance team, student government, HOSA, and other groups, so I knew that I wanted to be involved in college as well. 

At Florida Southern College, I now serve as a resident advisor, tour guide, student influencer, school of nursing student government senator, and participate in campus ministries, nursing clubs, and more. What I always share with first-year residents, and even upperclassmen, is that the more involved you are at school, the better it will be for you in the end. Getting involved on your college campus makes college 10x more fun! 

Go to Events! 

As resident advisors, we host hall activities and take our residents to different college events. It is so much fun and is so important to attend. (No, you’re not too cool to go to trivia night!) Joining activities is a great way to build community in your dorm and on your campus. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime, not to mention the free food, shirts, and prizes that are part of the fun!

Manage Your Time!

When it comes to college, time management is key. I always buy my Lily Pulitzer calendar at the start of each school year and get my multi-colored gel pens and am good to go. Making sure I stay consistent with my schedule, allowing some wiggle room of course, and mapping out meetings and events and homework all help me stay focused and prepared for the week. I make sure that I can get my work done ahead of time, so I actually have time to hang out with friends!

Talk to Your RA!

As a resident advisor, I love talking to and getting to know each of the girls in my hall. I keep up with them throughout the semester to make sure that they are not only getting through their classes, but also making friends and getting the most out of their college experience. Remember that your RAs are there for you! They can provide a listening ear (sometimes a little talk on the couch is all that’s needed), share tips, or point you to campus resources that might be of help.