Part-Time Jobs in College: Opened Doors and New Connections

Kylee Ego / Nazareth University »

I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be where I am today in my Nazareth University experience without my on-campus job. December of my freshman year in 2019, I was looking for a convenient way to make some spending money that I would be able to use as a creative outlet. I wanted to find a job that would push me forward in my college career and align with some of my passions. 

Using Handshake (a job-search tool used by many different colleges and universities), I connected with the Communications and Marketing department at Naz that was interviewing for Student Ambassador positions. I was offered the position during the interview and, from that moment on, my college career was changed for the better. In this position, I have been able to create content for the college, like TikToks, blogs, video marketing campaigns, and Instagram posts. Not only do I love the work I do in my position, but I love all of the unspoken blessings that have come along with it.

Balancing School and Work

Working as a Student Ambassador is very flexible and fits well with almost any schedule. I am able to practice time management and uphold my responsibilities while also having a mutual understanding with my supervisor that school will always come first to my position. Since having this part-time position, I am able to make money and learn more about my field of study, all while also having fun. That’s why I believe that getting an on-campus, part time job is ideal for anyone with a busy or complicated schedule that requires more understanding and adaptability from their workplace. I am able to thrive as a student because I have truly found my balance between work and school. I was able to be a student ambassador, hold an internship position, work a second part-time job off campus, and still focus on my school studies because of the support I’ve gained in my time here at Nazareth.

Community and Career

Another benefit of taking on this job was my experience connecting with my campus community. People around the college know my name and recognize me, which has prepared me for taking on large positions in the future when I graduate. I have met so many faculty and staff of the college that support my journey and have offered a lot of valuable advice. I will always be grateful for the connections I’ve made over the years and I am confident they’ve helped shape me into the person I am today. 

Nazareth encourages me to be confident in my own skin and has created bridges for me to find other individuals that are as passionate about their work as I am. Working on campus allows you to get comfortable with the environment you’re in and, if you take on an on-campus job, you’ll start to notice a lot of new doors open for you! Since becoming a Student Ambassador, I have been offered amazing opportunities. I was personally emailed about internships that were tailored to my studies, I have been interviewed by a local news station, and my name is already known locally in my career field. Naz gave me a foundation to propel off of. I have gotten closer to my dream career because they have helped lift me up.

Balancing all of my commitments, while also truly enjoying each individual experience, has been a lot easier than it would seem. I think it’s easy for me to say because I truly enjoy what I do. I feel as though if I were anywhere else I wouldn’t have found this balance like I did, because Naz is truly unique in its ability to serve as a support system for their students. I am proud to be a Golden Flyer, and I know Naz is proud I am one too.