Online Study Tips: Helpful Apps

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Keeping a schedule, staying motivated, and tracking your progress towards success can be hard. Luckily there are are some great apps out on the market that can help you with that! Here are just a few you should check out. Good luck!

For iOS and Android

Epic Win – EpicWin is an app with a streamlined to-do list with a role-playing twist. When you begin, you choose an avatar (warriors, wizards, strange creatures) to represent you as you embark on an epic quest. With every chore and reminder you check off, your avatar gains experience points (XP). These points help your character level-up, making them more powerful against enemies. You may also earn riches, special costumes or color schemes, and much more! – This all-in-one app is a to-do list, daily task manager, and checklist organizer. It’s designed to help you focus on your daily tasks while keeping sight of big-picture goals. The app makes it easy to share grocery and errand lists, chores, and calendars with your spouse or family.

Habit Bull  This app is a powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your day to day habits and routines. It’s fully customizable so you can measure and track whatever you like. Its visual format helps you see your daily habit streak. This will help you stay motivated while tracking your progress!

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Wunderlist – This is a simple to-do list and task manager app to help you get stuff done.


Time sink – Time sink tracks the way you spend time on your computer. Its timers and graphs can help you can get a good sense of how much time you spend distracted.

Pomodoro Timer – This timer is designed to help you focus in 25 minute bursts. It will automatically give you 3-5 minute breaks between each burst, and 15-30 minute breaks after every four bursts.

Focus – This productivity timer combines your task and project lists with a timer to help you hone in on your work. Its tools help you plan, execute, and control the success of your projects. It will also keep you motivated by providing statistics on your work efficiency!


Mastery – Mastery tracks how much time you spend on developing your skills. This app allows to gamify your skill development and enhance productivity. The app utilizes a clever store system to help you reward yourself. There you can define your rewards and assign values to them. As you master your skills, you earn in-game currency to buy these rewards from the store (like 30 minutes of video game time or a night out, etc.)

Life RPG – This app has the same basic premise of Epic Win with no animations and more statistics.

Habitica – Also similar to Epic win, with some graphics and custom rewards (like Mastery).

aTimeLogger – This activity tracker has several timers that you can set and run simultaneously. After using this for only a few minutes each day you will get diagrams and graphs of the time you spend on each activity.

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect. If you can’t stick to your goals at first just pick yourself back up and try again. You can and will adjust them as you go along. This is perfectly normal. Just remember that not every study skill works for every student – find what works for you and stick to it!


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