How I Manage My Time With Homework

Ashley Fore / Morehead State University

Throughout high school, I was terrible at time management and getting everything done on time. When I got to college, nothing changed much during my freshman year. My workload was heavier, obviously, but I wasn’t doing anything different to help manage the extra work. I was falling behind in classes because things just weren’t getting done for one reason or another. I would forget about due dates, what was actually due—I would even forget what week of classes we were on, so I had a lot stacked against me. 

It was really hard to keep my grades and things up since I wasn’t doing my assignments. Sophomore year rolled around, and I knew I needed to make a change. My mom has told me for years that I needed to start writing things down, but being the age that I was, I just thought she was full of herself and that I had everything covered. My mindset on that changed when my grades started to fail. I was a straight-A student in high school, so it was a wake up call when I got my first C. 

Small Change, Big Results

I decided to start writing things down and just see if it really did work. Lo and behold, over the course of that first semester sophomore year, things took a complete 180º. I was doing better in my classes, and I never missed a single assignment. 

Let me explain my method better. I start by putting whatever week it is at the top of my page (Week One, Week Two, Week three, etc.). That way, I can better keep track of how far into the semester we are. Then I’ll start writing down assignments for each class and put the due date by each assignment. It looks something like this:

ENG 100

  • Read Chapter 
  • Discussion board – 1/30 
  • Quiz – 1/30 

COMS 200

  • Paper – 2/2 
  • Exam – 2/5

And so on and so forth. 

This method works on a couple different levels. Not only can you physically see what needs to be done and when those said assignments need to be completed, but you also get to see how much progress you have made for the week. 

My favorite part about doing homework this way is the feeling of finishing an assignment. After I finish an assignment, I get the satisfaction of being able to mark another thing off my list. There have definitely been times when I am so unmotivated to work on homework that the only reason I do my assignments is so I can mark it off as complete on my list. That way, it’s another thing done and I don’t have as many things to work on later. 

Seeing everything written out like this also helps me to get ahead sometimes. This works great, especially if that week is particularly light when it comes to homework. I’ve written out my assignments, noticed how few things I had to do, and been able to knock everything out in a day or two. This lets me have the rest of the week to do anything else I need to. After using this method for a few years now, it has helped me so much in my everyday life. I am much more put together, and I get a lot more things done. 

Overall, it is so important to learn how to manage your time wisely. Getting into and sticking to a schedule and rhythm can do nothing but good. Personally, I like to get a planner with a big notes page in the back for me to write all my assignments. Keep trying things out. See what works for you, and don’t give up. Overall, getting organized will help you make so much more of your classes. It lets you focus more on your classes and what you’re actually supposed to be learning versus always worrying about what needs done and when. This way, you just know.