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What Is a College of Distinction?

A College of Distinction is…

Nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school.
Some of these schools are well known to the general public, and some—unfortunately—are not. No matter what, every school profiled has been honored for the excellence of its programs, highly recommended by those in-the-know about college education.

Strongly focused on teaching undergraduates.

Beginning right away, students are taught by real professors, not graduate students or teaching assistants. In these vibrant classrooms, the faculty actually know their students by name and keep them challenged and interested.

Home to a wide variety of innovative learning experiences.

We know students are more than just majors or GPAs, and learning is more than just attending classes. From study abroad and scientific research to service-learning and internships, these schools sponsor many exciting hands-on programs that open up new ideas, new worlds, and new opportunities.

An active campus community with many opportunities for personal development.

These are real residential communities, not suitcase colleges that shut down at 5 p.m. Whatever your sport, hobby, or passion, you’ll find it here, along with plenty of encouragement to help you pursue it.

We applaud schools that value diversity and thus make an active effort to support underserved communities from recruitment, throughout school, and beyond the completion of their degree. We applaud those that offer financial support, academic support, physical and mental health support, and community support alike. We applaud those that not only enroll and employ a diverse community, but also cater consciously to their specific needs. After all, a campus community is not truly vibrant unless it is just as inclusive as it is diverse.

Highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation.

Employers and grad schools value the preparation offered at these schools. Whether you want a Ph.D., an MBA, or just a great job that interests you, these schools have a long track record of successful graduates.

Our schools exceed expectations in the area of career development, equipping students with the self-reflection, job market research, and networking skills needed for their lifelong career journey.