Toccoa Falls College
"Located in the foothills of the northeast Georgia mountains, Toccoa Falls College is a...

Toccoa Falls College

Toccoa Falls, Georgia

If you are searching for a college that will forever change your life both academically and spiritually, you have discovered the place. Founded in 1907 in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Toccoa Falls’ first president, Dr. Richard Forest, was convinced of the importance for all students to receive a quality, Christian education. Over one hundred years later, TFC is still following the motto: Where character is developed with intellect.


Toccoa Falls College is serious about solid academics that will give you skills for a lifetime. TFC equally serious about providing a solid Christian worldview so that you have as foundation for life.


To provide this firm foundation, TFC deliberately integrates scripture, truth, wisdom, and service into all that they do. Whether you are sitting in class, taking an online course, hiking their beautiful trails, relaxing by the falls, swimming in the pond, working out in their athletic facilities, studying in the library, or just spending time with friends, you will experience the power of Toccoa Falls College’s mission.

Student Profile

905 Undergraduate students (49% male, 51% female); 39 states, 17 countries.

Faculty Profile

39 full-time faculty, 21 part-time faculty. 17:1 student/faculty ratio.

Residence Life

55% of TFC students live on campus. You must live on campus or with relatives until the age of 23.

School Location

Toccoa Falls, Georgia


(NCCAA Division II). (8) (Men’s: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, and Soccer.  Women’s: Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball) Mascot: Eagle Colors: Navy Blue and Vegas Gold

Other Information

Toccoa Falls College is a 4-year, Christian College affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, founded in 1907.

Academic Programs

Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Biology (Pre-Med) Major, Business Administration, Christian Thought, Communication Studies, Counseling Psychology, Cross-Cultural Adult Education, Cross-Cultural Business Administration, Cross-Cultural Studies, Early Childhood Education, English (B.A.), English Education (6-12), Family & Children’s Ministries, General Studies (A.A.), History (B.A.), History Education (6-12), Middle Grades Education, Ministry Leadership, Music, Music Education (B.S.), Music Performance (B.M.), Outdoor Leadership and Education, Pastoral Ministries, Philosophy, Science Education (6-12), Sport Management Major, Sustainable Community Development, Youth Ministries

More Distinctions

  • Recognized as “Best in the Southeast” by the Princeton Review

  • Ranked #34 by US News and World Report in the South Best Regional College category

  • 4 time NCCAA Baseball Champions

At Toccoa Falls College, students are encouraged to embrace a variety of learning experiences while developing Godly character and intellectual knowledge. 

  • The Cross-Cultural Studies major offers students the opportunity to study abroad their senior year.  Students may select one of the various centers located outside the United States to complete their study abroad experience.  Students who participate in this program walk away with a better understanding of cross-cultural principles.  TFC students are also able to take advantage of the Best Semester abroad by partnering with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. 
  • Service and outreach will be an integral part of the educational experience at TFC.  TFC clearly understands the Bible says that we are to serve others both locally and globally.  TFC students, faculty, and staff serve our local community, region, state, nation, and support individuals in countries all around the globe.  While enrolled at TFC, students will be required to complete a student ministry assignment during four separate semesters of enrollment. 
  • In addition to student ministry assignments, TFC students in a variety of majors have the opportunity to participate in an internship or capstone course.  This is a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom.  Students will be involved with a ministry or organization and will receive supervision and evaluation from TFC professors. 

In the classroom students will encounter faculty who integrate their faith into the subject matter. 

  • TFC understands that the amassing of facts can be pointless without the integration of knowledge and Biblical understanding.  The College also realizes the importance of seeking God’s wisdom over human wisdom.  True understanding comes from God.
  • TFC believes that the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God.  As such, the Bible provides all the direction we need to develop Godly character.
  • TFC believes that there are absolute truths revealed by God. In spite of competing worldviews in our culture today, TFC understands that God’s absolute truths will always withstand the test of time.
  • Students will be challenged to integrate scripture, truth, wisdom, and service into the major of their choice.  TFC currently offers twenty nine majors in a wide range of fields including Pre-Med, Outdoor Leader and Education, Sport Management, Counseling Psychology, Music, Ministry, Business Administration, and Cross-Cultural Studies. 

TFC is nestled into the foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains yet close enough to experience big cities such as Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC. 

  • There is more to the college experience than just classrooms and the library. With many student clubs and organizations on campus, there is always something happening at TFC! Toccoa Falls provides many opportunities to foster Christian community and for the enrichment of Christian personality. In addition to the customary associations of residence hall life, there are special events such as class socials, banquets, ball games, class outings, and special services in which the entire school participates. These social events provide an opportunity for the students to mature in relation to oneself, others, and their Lord. It is through this maturing the college seeks to develop the whole student in areas of social, physical, mental, and emotional development.  Additionally, students are required to earn 30 spiritual life credits each semester which can be obtained by attending chapel, small group studies, and a variety of other options. 
  • If you love sports, then you’ll love TFC. From championship intercollegiate sports for men and women to a fun and relaxed intramural program, athletics plays a big role in campus life at TFC.  The primary goal of TFC’s athletic department is to train Christian servant leaders, physically and spiritually, producing graduates who implement the necessary skills required after college life. Toccoa Falls College is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association, Division II.
  • Residence Life endeavors to maintain an environment that honors Christ, encourages spiritual growth, and is conducive to academic success. Students are encouraged to live on campus and become part of this vibrant community.
  • Bottom Line is student life at TFC is about you!  Toccoa Falls believes that your education and personal development extends beyond the classroom. The College’s aim is to provide opportunities for you to not only get involved, but also to lead, create, discover and to be challenged during your time on campus.

Toccoa Falls College has had the same mission since 1907; develop character with intellect.

  • At TFC you will be equipped to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.  You will be trained to know how to think from a biblical perspective by incorporating scripture, truth, wisdom, and service.
  • TFC Alum are serving in over 100 countries around the world in a variety of ministries, organizations, and business. 
  • Whether you inspire to be a doctor, musician, pastor, lawyer, or counselor you will join a family of over 16,000 alumni that have all been trained both inside and outside the classroom since 1907.

Costs and Aid

2014 – 2015: Comprehensive tuition: $19,250 with 98% of our students receiving financial aid



Admissions and Financial Aid

The college encourages applications from students interested in the evangelical Christian perspective and curriculum at Toccoa Falls College and who demonstrate a commitment to its philosophy of education. Toccoa Falls College seeks evidence of Christian commitment and character, as well as the capacity and desire to learn, in selecting students for admission. The Office of Admissions will consider applicants for admission after the following items are received:

The college reserves the right to further examine an applicant by personal interview. Toccoa Falls College does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. Admission to the college does not constitute automatic continuation in future semesters. The college reserves the right to refuse admission or continuation to any student. Any student who intentionally withholds pertinent information or falsifies such information may be required to withdraw from the college.

To apply for financial aid students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student aid by May 1.