Rachel Tomasini Class of 2011 - Colleges of Distinction - Colleges of Distinction
Hofstra University
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Hofstra University

Hempstead, New York

Rachel Tomasini Class of 2011

Rachel graduated from the Honors Program at Suffolk Community College in 2009 with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts.  As a Psychology major maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Rachel is taking courses in clinical neuropsychology, cognition, and psychopathology.  She will be graduating from Hofstra with her Honors distinction in spring 2011.  Eventually, she would like to work in educational psychology or in a branch of social work, both of which would satisfy main objective — to help people.

“Being a part of HUHC has been a wonderful way for me to get to know my professors and peers on a more personal basis. Many of these relationships have developed from doing Individually Negotiated Honors Options, which are basically an optional way of making any class into an honors class by having separate meetings with the professor throughout the semester. The one-on-one structure of the Individually Negotiated Honors Option creates a unique forum for learning, one that really pushes you to think and respond to the subject rather than just memorize random terms to get a good grade.  Undoubtedly, my enhanced critical thinking, as honed from these discussions, will be a valuable aid in any career and even more importantly in my life.”