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Newly Renovated Hofstra Fitness Center Open

The renovated Hofstra Fitness Center opened its doors at 6 a.m. on January 26, 2011 with over 100 students waiting to be one of the first to enter the newly renovated building. Students, faculty and administration braved the weather to be a part of the excitement.

“I’m so impressed with the upgrade overall. The spin, aerobics and yoga studios are awesome,” said sophomore Ryan Somplasky, a political science major.

Other students echoed the same positive sentiments and excitement. “The diversity of equipment is amazing,” said Ed Gillis, a junior biology major. “It’s a remarkable upgrade,” Nick D’Agostino, a senior exercise science major said.

This diversity ranges from cardio equipment including exercise bikes where you can race your friends, to top-of-the-line machines for weight lifting. You’ll also find a section dedicated to fully-accessible equipment, just up the elevator on the second floor.

Kateleen Bash, a senior biochemistry major and avid runner chose the newly surfaced track as her favorite feature. “It looks unbelievable in here and it’s roomier and brighter too.”

The day was topped off with giveaways, free food and best of all, the student body back on track with their exercise regime. Fitness will be enhanced by the addition of new equipment, new classes and a new look that will surely instill the spirit of pride throughout campus.

“It feels surreal,” said Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports, Pat Montagano. “The Hofstra Fitness Center is a destination on campus that provides new opportunities for fitness and accommodates all members of the Hofstra community.”