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Gardens and Buying Local Are Source of Pride

It seems odd to mention but important to note that Unity College owns its dining services. In a corporate dining services era of outsourcing when such a move might be seen as the college and university equivalent of being Amish, Unity holds fast to approaches that keep sustainability front-and-center. Both dining services and organic gardens on campus are carefully planned, evaluated, and updated with an eye on adhering to the concept of frugal sustainability.

Keeping the management of dining services and organic gardens within the College yields valuable information.  For instance, in one semester students consumed 1,172 pounds of beef, 603 pounds of poultry, 296 pounds of pork, 225 pounds of ham and 300 lobsters. Dining services staff work closely with College Sustainability Coordinate to minimize waste.  The result is an overall approach that satisfies diners and closely held values.

Few colleges or universities obtain 35 percent of all their food, from French fries to chocolate milk, from local businesses. Also, when Unity diners make their salads, they take pride in the fact that four percent (that’s $6,200 worth) of what is on their plate is harvested from the organic gardens on campus.  Buying local and staying true to environmental best practices are points of pride for the entire Unity College community.