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Wilson College
Wilson College has grown from one of the nation’s first women’s colleges to a...

Wilson College

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Wilson College has grown from one of the nation’s first women’s colleges to a strong liberal arts institution that provides both women and men a high-quality, deeply individualized education.  As a private Protestant college, Wilson has many opportunities for every student to experience, learn, and grow in a thriving community. Wilson College strives to “empowers students through an engaged, collaborative, liberal arts education that combines the skills and focused study needed for success in work and life. [It is] a close, supportive community that develops the mind and character of all students, preparing them to meet the challenges of a global society.”


Wilson strives to focus on its students, thereby encouraging each of them to focus on themselves. As students grow at Wilson College, they are actively preparing for successful careers in a motivated, dedicated, and innovative environment.  



School Location

Wilson College is located in Chambersburg Pennsylvania. Its “300-acre campus is on the National Register of Historic Places,” on which students have grown and thrives for over 150 years. The campus features a fitness center, an equestrian center, and its very own organic farm.

“The College welcomes women and men into our undergraduate, graduate and adult degree programs and through a collaborative academic environment, connects career-oriented programs with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum. This kind of education best prepares Wilson graduates for long-term success in a changing world. With a proud and strong history of more than 140 years, Wilson College remains committed to academic excellence, service and an educational experience like no other.” – Dr. Barbara K. Mistick, President


Students at Wilson College have multiple opportunities to travel abroad while earning class credit. The options span cultures and environments, taking students to places like London, France, Chile, Korea, South Africa, Thailand, and more. One unique program in particular is a 4-week cultural exchange program through the Bahrom International Program (BIP). An annual adventure, this program immerses students in the community of Seoul Women’s University in Korea.

“Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to learn the culture of another country, as well as learn the way veterinary medicine, or any career, is done in that culture.” – Jordan Massey ’16, Veterinary Medical Technology (VMT) major.


Wilson College invites new students kick off their college careers with an exciting challenge and welcoming community experience. In place of the typical First-Year Seminar, Rowland LEAP (learning, exploring, achieving, and participating) incorporates adventurous trips and meaningful service into an academically rigorous program. Not only do these students receive academic credit in a short, two-week experience, but they are also introduced to Wilson with a community of driven peers and supportive upperclassmen mentors. Students who are up for a challenge will “leap from high school to college” with daily excursions, leadership-building opportunities, and helpful workshops that teach them to manage their time and succeed in college-level coursework.

“…the Wilson experience is about more than academics—it’s about finding your place. That’s where LEAP comes in. Through this two-week program, you’ll cover four important areas to help you successfully transition to college life: learning, exploring, achieving, and participating.”  – Wilson College


Wilson College offers over 30 diverse student organizations for students, ranging from choir and the gamer’s club to an animal-action group, archery, and more! The more students get involved, the more they get out of their college experience. A community of innovative and active minds, Wilson opens up the option to found new clubs and participate in anything that piques their interests.


Wilson College, classified as division III in the NCAA, has multiple women’s and men’s varsity sports teams, including basketball, field hockey, gold, soccer, and volleyball. Wilson students dressed in white, silver, and blue come out to games to join their school mascot, the Phoenix, in support of their teams.


At Wilson College, students are never far from an opportunity to build their professional repertoire. The College’s Career Center hosts workshops and provides the resources students need to find internships and get in touch with local professionals. Students can also create résumés and explore their options with the help of advisors, establishing their goals for their internship experiences.


Wilson College invites students to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for, including those based on religious involvement, academics, merit, affiliation, and more.