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LIU Brooklyn
As the original campus of the Long Island University system, LIU Brooklyn is overflowing...

LIU Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

As the original campus of the Long Island University system, LIU Brooklyn is overflowing with a history of academic excellence and social justice. Its private liberal arts education prepares its students for lifelong success. The University’s downtown location offers students a place to cultivate continual growth and broaden their intercultural and education experience. LIU Brooklyn offers many opportunities for students to learn both in the classroom and out in the world.


Students at LIU Brooklyn strive to become their best selves thanks to the plethora of activities available at their fingertips, whether they be academic or extracurricular. This lively college environment is designed for growth, success, and true fulfillment.



School Location

“Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, the city’s fastest growing economic and cultural neighborhood, LIU Brooklyn has been a cornerstone of progressive education for nearly 90 years.”

“LIU Brooklyn continues to enable students to realize their full potential as ethically grounded, intellectually vigorous, and socially responsible global citizens.” – Long Island University


LIU Brooklyn’s honors college allows students to elevate their learning with challenging coursework in an enriched liberal arts environment. Students in the honors college learn in small groups, allowing themselves to thrive as independent thinkers with a voice. Through the honors program, students have the ability not only to work alongside motivated peers and network with professionals, but they can also take on exciting, active learning experiences like a wilderness seminar co-sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council and the U.S. Park Service. What’s more, honors students have exclusive access to globetrotting travel seminars, venturing off to such cultural centers as Venice, Madrid, Paris, London, and Dublin.

“It is with great pride that we present the LIU Brooklyn Honors College. This program is designed to provide academically gifted students with unique learning opportunities, real-world experiences, and collaborative research. For those interested in a challenging curriculum that will build global perspectives and provoke new levels of critical thinking, we encourage you to explore the LIU Brooklyn Honors College, which will elevate you to new levels of personal and professional development.” – Dr. Kimberly R. Cline, President, Long Island University


LIU Brooklyn hosts an abundance of independent study options as well as unique Experiential Seminars to give students a one-of-a-kind college education. These opportunities give students the chance to personalize their education in a way that immerses them in what interests them most about their area of study. Hands-on learning is one of the most effective—and exciting—ways in which a student can grasp a complex topic and answer tough questions. Research, in whatever way it’s conducted, will ultimately gear students up to be critical thinkers, strategic problem-solvers, and truly skilled academics.

“[The experiential seminar is a]n exploration of themes that lend themselves to investigation from a variety of viewpoints. Although the content of the experiential course varies from year to year, primary research and field-based learning are constants.” – LIU Brooklyn


Moving to college can be intimidating, but LIU Brooklyn helps new students feel right at home from the very start. The University’s Learning Communities double as both an enhancement to the academic experience as well as a firm foundation for new friendships. In small groups, students work side-by-side as they are put in touch with leadership, internship, and other academic opportunities both on and off campus. Learning Communities are sure to form strong bonds between those who participate, engaging them in shared classes and collaborative projects.


Ranked as a division I school in the NCAA, LIU Brooklyn offers a variety of varsity sports. With 12 women’s sports and 5 men’s sports to choose from, students can compete with the help of their LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds cheering them on.

“Make the most of your first year and learn all about the many activities and services we offer our students. Discover everything LIU Brooklyn has to offer—from world-class faculty to unique experiential learning opportunities to student clubs and organizations where you’ll form lifelong friendships.” – LIU Brooklyn


LIU Brooklyn offers over 35 different degree programs, each of which is run by faculty who are excited to make personal connections with their students. As a student at the University, one can be confident that there is always a professor or advisor who can get them in touch with professionals, internships, and hands-on experience related to their field of interest. And with the bustling city right outside campus, students are never far from an industry professional who can help them find their niche in the real world.


With $100 million worth of scholarships awarded each year, students have ample opportunity to obtain aid based on merit, honors, and other recognitions.