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Freed-Hardeman University is dedicated to supporting its students with an extraordinary education that is...

Freed-Hardeman University

Henderson, Tennessee

Freed-Hardeman University is dedicated to supporting its students with an extraordinary education that is backed and strengthened by helping students develop their God-given talents. Students serve God through their scholarship, service, and pursuit of lifelong learning. Offering over 50 academic programs—and providing the flexibility for students to design their own majors—Freed-Hardeman strives to produce skilled professionals who excel in whatever field of work they pursue. This spiritually charged, scholarly environment encourages and inspires students to grow with ethical hearts and a strong drive to succeed.

Student Profile

Fall 2016 Enrollment
1,297 undergraduate students
95% of undergrad students are full time
44% male — 56% female
44% of students are from out of state

Faculty Profile

2016-2017 Academic Year
93 full-time faculty
64 part-time faculty
13 to 1 student/faculty ratio

Residence Life

Fall 2016
96% of first year students live on campus
89% of all students live on campus

School Location

Freed-Hardeman University is located in Henderson, Tennessee, between the two bustling cities of Memphis and Nashville.It is also conveniently located close to several state parks and a famous national battle site.

High-Impact Practices

Read more about the importance of High-Impact Practices

First-Year Seminars and Experiences X
Common Intellectual Experiences X
Learning Communities  
Writing-Intensive Courses X
Collaborative Assignments and Projects X
Undergraduate Research X
Diversity/Global Learning X
Service Learning, Community-Based Learning X
Internships/Coops/Practicums X
Capstone Courses and Projects/Senior Experience X


78% of students began in Fall 2015 and returned in Fall 2016 (full time, first time freshmen)


57% of students graduated in 6 years


Nonresident aliens 1%
Hispanic/Latino 2%
Black or African American 4%
White 80%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
Asian 1%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 0%
Two or more races 2%
Race and/or ethnicity unknown 10%


Freed-Hardeman University is a member of the American Midwest Conference. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, and outdoor track and field. Women’s sports include softball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, and outdoor track and field. The team colors are maroon and white, and the mascot is the lion.

The 2016-2017 athletic season set records. Coach Neal, head coach of the women’s basketball team, won his 600th game and the recognition as Women”s Basketball College Association/NAIA National Coach of the Year. Golfers from the men’s team were named Scholar Athletes, and the Lady Lion golfers won 3rd place in the AMC tournament. Coach Jim Sanderson, men’s basketball head coach, won his 500th game.

Other Information

Freed-Hardeman is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The University has specialized accreditation for its programs in Bible, business, education, nursing, and social work. The programs have had a rigorous review and met state and national standards.

Academic Programs

College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences offers the following undergraduate programs: Arts and Humanities, Biology, Biology/Environmental Science, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physical Science (Pre-Engineering), Communication, English, Spanish, Art/Graphic Design, Art/Studio Art, Interactive Digital Design (Designer), Music, Photography, Theatre (Performance), Theatre (Design/Production), History, Law and Politics, Computer Science, Interactive Digital Design (Developer), Mathematics, and Nursing. College of Biblical Studies The College of Biblical Studies offers a BA in Bible and BS in Bible degrees with the following emphases: Bible Text, Biblical Languages, Christian Apologetics, Ministry, Missions, Preaching, and Missions. The following graduates programs are offered: Ministry, New Testament, Old Testament, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Master of Divinity. College of Business The College of Business offers the following undergraduate programs: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing; dual BBA/MBA programs in Accounting, Finance,Management, and Marketing. Graduate programs are offered in Business Administration and Healthcare Management. College of Education and Behavioral Sciences The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences offers the following undergraduate programs: Child and Family Studies, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Special Education /K-12, Education: Early Childhood/Pre-K-3, Education: Secondary /Second Major Only. Graduate programs are offered in the following: M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Doctor of Behavioral Health, M.A. in Teaching, M.A.T. in Special Education, M.Ed. in School Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Leadership/Teacher Leadership, ED.S in Instructional Leadership/Administration and Supervision, Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership/Administration and Supervision, and Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership/Teacher Leadership. Honors College The Honors College offers enhanced experiences in the above listed programs.

More Distinctions

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  • Best College Reviews: Top 10 Best Small Colleges

Engaged Learning Initiative

The Engaged Learning Initiative, or ELI, is one of Freed-Hardeman University’s proactive programs aimed at making the undergraduate experience as fulfilling as possible. Through ELI, students can apply for grants and additional support to help them pursue independent projects, fund trips abroad for either service or study, and cultivate their skills in real-world, professional settings. Through the ELI, Freed-Hardeman makes a point to recognize and enable students’ drives to learn and serve.

University Scholars’ Day

University Scholars’ Day is a recent tradition that exemplifies the value of research and academic exploration in the FHU community. Classes are canceled so that every student can gather for a day of presentations, discussions, and discovery. Headed by a guest keynote speaker, the event consists of multiple sessions that provide students and faculty the platform in which to share their independent projects.

Global Learning

FHU Abroad opens up the opportunity for students to travel all around the world, enriching their education and evolving as culturally aware, global citizens.

Freed-Hardeman owns and operates a small campus within the town of Verviers, Belgium. Centrally located in Europe, this beautiful town acts as a hub for a whole semester’s worth of adventure. FHU faculty enhance their lessons with trips around the continent, immersing students in culture and history to help their classes come alive. Excursions include a trip to Italy’s historically rich Roman ruins, a tour of the Globe Theatre in the United Kingdom, and a journey through Germany’s critical WWII-era landmarks.

Another life-changing opportunity available to students includes the Bible Lands program, a tour of Eastern Mediterranean landmarks that are full of biblical significance. This summer travel experience brings the Bible to life, helping students better leading students along the soil on which its events took place.

Many students travel not just to learn, but also to serve. For example, nursing students can go on a mission trip to Haiti to bring their clinical expertise to people in need. FHU provides a broad range of options, knowing that learning and compassion should never have any boundaries.

Activities Offered

Campus Ministries X
Choral groups X
Concert band  
Drama/theater X
International Student Organization X
Jazz band  
Literary magazine  
Marching band  
Model UN  
Music ensembles X
Musical theater X
Pep band  
Radio station X
Student government X
Student newspaper X
Student-run film society  
Symphony orchestra  
Television station  
Yearbook X


First-year students are given all they need to enter Freed-Hardeman University as smoothly as possible. The summer JumpSTART program gets incoming freshmen in touch with department faculty, providing them guidance and assistance as they register for their first semester of classes. Regardless of whether a student has declared a major, they have plenty of interaction with FHU faculty to explore their options and assess their skills and interests, all before their college career officially begins.

Throughout the first week of school, these new students are welcomed into the community during a daily orientation, called INTERFACE. The entire class is divided into small INTERFACE groups, each led by upperclassmen peer advisors, and spend each day bonding and participating in fun events. Friendships form naturally through such activities as an afternoon of canoeing on the Buffalo River, a Carnival in the Commons, and the “INTERFACE Olympics.”

Spirituality Every Semester

As part of the Freed-Hardeman curriculum, students must enroll in a Bible course every semester of their college career. This consistent integration of the Bible within the curriculum keeps students conscious of and connected to the spiritual underpinning of the University. Students can select from a range of options to fulfill the Bible requirement each semester, from basic introductory courses to deep, comprehensive explorations of religious topics. While other institutions may require a Bible course or two, FHU’s emphasis on biblical academics enriches the spiritual atmosphere of the entire campus.

Programs Designed for Success

The faculty at Freed-Hardeman are first and foremost dedicated to their students. Professors—not graduate students—lead their own classes so that students get their information directly from the experts. With over 50 academic programs, the University offers an education that prepares students for an incredible range of career possibilities. And, if a student wishes to stretch that range even further, they have the opportunity to design their own major by combining courses from different disciplines. This flexibility ensures that all students graduate ready to pursue their individual career goals.

Common Core

Arts/fine arts X
Computer literacy  
English (including composition) X
Foreign languages  
History X
Humanities X
Mathematics X
Sciences (biological or physical) X
Social science X


Other: Bible, Values

Class Size Breakdown

Size 2-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 100+ Total
Number of Classes 95 92 99 45 11 11 0 353

Social Clubs

Instead of joining traditional fraternities and sororities, Freed-Hardeman students can choose to be a part of one of six social clubs. These student-led organizations are founded on principles of camaraderie, service, and fun! Each group fosters a supportive environment for all personalities to prosper. Together, students in social clubs bond and grow together as they participate in entertaining activities and serve with compassion for others in the community around them.

Spiritual Life

Spirituality is intrinsic to everything on FHU’s campus. Such a strong, campus-wide faith is bolstered and reasserted through a daily chapel service in which the entire community gathers for prayer and worship. Later, each night, students have the option to attend devotionals and singings to strengthen their relationship with God and the faith-driven people around them.

Mid-semester, students organize a series of lectures that gives them a chance to share their own insights, discoveries, and testimonies with their peers. The opportunity for student lectures is just one of many ways that anyone at FHU can practice leadership and grow as spiritually fulfilled adults.

A Place to Call Home

As a residential university, Freed-Hardeman makes it easy for students to feel at home and part of a tightly knit community. Living on campus keeps everyone in touch with all FHU goings-on, and every student is made to gain a true sense of belonging. The Christian environment is inspiring, and anyone can always find support and friendship, whether they reach out to neighbors across the hall or share their experiences in dorm devotionals.

Campus Housing Options for Undergraduates

Coed dorms  
Men’s dorms X
Women’s dorms X
Apartments for married students  
Apartments for single students X
Special housing for disabled students X
Special housing for international students  
Fraternity/sorority housing  
Cooperative housing  
Theme housing  
Wellness housing  
Other housing options  

Ayers Center for Student Leadership

The Ayers Center for Student Leadership aims to give FHU students a sense of direction and confidence for their futures. It offers a variety of services that not only help students get hired out of college, but also prepare them to be successful and proficient in their line of work. Everyone at FHU learns to lead, and every FHU graduate leaves college with four years of phenomenal resources under their belts.


Freed-Hardeman’s Career Center is proud to act as a liaison between students, alumni, and employers looking for top-notch interns. Anyone hoping to gain job experience before graduating can easily find an internship that best builds their skills for their future careers. With the help of such services as career assessment and exploration, mock interviews, and résumé workshops, students know exactly where to look for the most fulfilling internships and how to succeed as job-seekers.


Because faith and scholarship are intertwined at FHU, it should come as no surprise that many professors incorporate meaningful service into their coursework. Nearly every academic department hosts a course that has service built into its curriculum, encouraging students to experience the broader meaning and impact of their studies. Some examples include mission trips to underprivileged neighborhoods, and fundraisers for cancer research. FHU faculty strive to raise their students not only as proficient scholars, but also as philanthropic community members who serve with a love for God and a compassion for others.



 791 Total Applicants
762 Total Admissions
325 Total Freshmen Enrollment

96.33% of applicants admitted

Admissions Deadlines for 2017-18 Admission

Rolling admission? Yes

Admissions Factors

Very Important
Rigor of secondary school record
Standardized test scores

Academic GPA

Extracurricular activities
Character/personal qualities
Alumni/ae relation
Religious affiliation/commitment
Racial/ethnic status
Volunteer work
Work experience

Freshmen Profile Fall 2016

  25th Percentile 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading 480 558
SAT Math 435 518
SAT Writing    
SAT Essay    
ACT Composite 21 27
ACT Math 19 26
ACT English 21 30
ACT Writing    

Admissions Requirements for Freshman Students

  • Graduated from a high school, completed a comparable homeschool curriculum, or completed the GED
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 19 or New SAT score of 980 (ERW+M)




Tuition $21,950
Room and Board (on campus) $7,950
Estimated Total On Campus $29,900


Average Financial Aid Packages 2016-2017 Estimated

$20,151 First year students
$13,949 All undergrads

Financial Aid Breakdown 2016-2017 Estimated

73.3% on average, the percentage of need that was met
27% of financial need students that had need fully met

$13,949 Average need-based scholarship or grant award
$3,829 Average need-based loan

Financial Aid Information

A large percentage of the student body receives financial aid. Academic scholarships are also available. Freed-Hardeman offers tuition discounts to Christian school employees Aid packages, based on need, can consist of a combination of federal, state, and university grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships..