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6 Tips for Presenting your Activity Résumé

activity résumé

The activity résumé is a great opportunity for you to explain important activities and accomplishments to admissions committees. By offering concrete information about yourself in a concise form, you seem more real and more interesting...

A College Education is a Solid Investment

college education solid investment

Despite the rising cost of higher education and what many reports would have us believe, investing in a college education remains a solid, profitable investment. Students who take out loans to pay for college have...

Attending a Private School CAN be Affordable


For most high school students, the cost of college can be daunting. Students have to choose between in-state schools, public universities, religious colleges, and private colleges, all while weighing their options against their budget. Most...

High-Impact Educational Practices


Taken from High-Impact Educational Practices: A Brief Overview The following teaching and learning practices have been widely tested and have been shown to be beneficial for college students from many backgrounds. These practices take many...

Making the Most of College Fairs


The possibilities! The buzz and hum! People going every which way with smiles and expectations! It’s a college fair, and it could prove to be a very valuable step toward realizing your dreams of finding...

Myths in the College Search Process

myths college search

One of the biggest challenges for counselors is helping students really match their interests to the colleges that suit them best. Students often rule out schools too early in the process, thanks to myths in...

New FAFSA Changes and What They Mean for You


So you’ve already started exploring colleges and financial avenues for funding your continuing education – excellent! But what exactly is FAFSA, and how do the new rules and dates affect you? What is FAFSA? FAFSA...

Social Media and Your College Search

social media college search

Almost every college is building virtual communities through social media. As you conduct your search, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the school, admissions counselors, prospective and current students, even alumni. You can...

The Importance of Internships in College


During college, immersive internships in your field of study are essential to successful outcomes after graduation. Classroom environments will involve you with discussion, debate, peer interaction, and shared learning experiences ― but, it’s important to...

The Top 6 College Search Sites


With thousands of colleges out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. How can you narrow down your options and pick the best school for you? There are a number of websites...

The Write Stuff: Effective Inquiry Letters

inquiry letters

Inquiry letters have a number of advantages. Obviously, you are able to get specific information that will help you make the best decision. You may be able to contact an athletic department or find out...

What College is Best for YOU?


When looking for the school that will become your home for the next four years, and your alma mater afterward, you want to concentrate on what matters most to you. This can be really difficult...

What Is College Today?


Higher education in the 21st century is a rapidly changing landscape. New technologies, shifting economic realities, and a boom in the college-aged population have altered a world that was once a bastion of predictable traditions....

What is Unique about a Christian College?


As a recent high school grad or soon-to-be graduate, choosing a university can be a daunting task. There are public, private, large and small universities … but how do you know which choice is right...