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6 Tips for Presenting your Activity Résumé

activity résumé

The activity résumé is a great opportunity for you to explain important activities and accomplishments to admissions committees. By offering concrete information about yourself in a concise form, you seem more real and more interesting...

9 Tips to Help with Your College Applications

college applications

College applications take time, and they should! After diligent research to find the colleges and universities where you can study, learn and grow for the next four years, it’s now time to explain to the...

Financial Aid Terms Defined

financial aid terms

Paying for college can be confusing if you don’t understand the terminology. Below are some helpful definitions to common financial aid terms. Bursar A college office that handles both the distribution of financial aid and...

Myths in the College Search Process

myths college search

One of the biggest challenges for counselors is helping students really match their interests to the colleges that suit them best. Students often rule out schools too early in the process, thanks to myths in...

Should You Apply to College Early?


Students find many types of application options when researching colleges: early versus regular applications, single-choice early action, and rolling applications. So what are the differences, and which one is the best for you? Different Early...

So You Got Rejected from Your Dream School


The human brain has a sadistically enormous capacity to hold on to clear, clear memories of life’s most difficult moments. It clings incessantly to tragedies such as the day your first goldfish died, that time...