How to Elevate Your School’s Brand and Win Over Your Audiences

Successful brands understand that the best way to reach their audience is to tell a story that actually matters to them. By telling that story and positioning your school as the knowledgeable guide, you'll connect with your audiences much more powerfully.

What's In the eBook?

Every good story has a hero—a character we root for and want to succeed. And your audience is only going to be interested in your school’s story if they themselves are the hero of it.

Then how do you communicate to prospective students, parents, donors, faculty, employees, and other stakeholders in a way that positions them as the hero and your school as the trusted and dependable guide?

This ebook explains how to elevate your school’s brand in the minds of your audience using a proven and easy-to-follow framework that puts them at the center of your brand’s story.



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Why You Need Empathy to Tell Your Brand Story 

Steps to Consider to Build Authority in Your Marketing 

Distinguishing Your School with Third-Party Validations 

Why Every Institution Should Be a Content Marketer

“Looking to cut through all the clutter and interference?  As a 30 year college marketing veteran, I can honestly tell you that this is the most clear, direct, and actionable book I have EVER read on marketing and branding higher education. It has nothing to sell but only to help you sell. Trust it. Believe it. Put it into action. Now!”

Dr. Brian Sajko 
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Stephens College