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About Colleges of Distinction

Colleges and universities are nominated for participation in Colleges of Distinction by high school college counselors, college administrative members, and the Colleges of Distinction selection team. The Colleges of Distinction methodology is a mix of qualitative and quantitative information.

Our qualitative information is gleaned from college admission experts around the country. We interview senior administration, faculty, alumni, and current students at each nominated college. Feedback is gathered from administrators at other colleges and high school counselors across the country. We visit many of our colleges to get a feel for student engagement and quality of teaching.

We also use a range of quantitative data such as graduation rates, classroom size, and other key stats that speak to the Four Distinctions. We recognize it is more important to understand where the college is going and not where it has been, so we look for trends in data as opposed to viewing each school as a static institution. If you are interested in nominating a college or university for selection to Colleges of Distinction please complete the form below.

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