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Students at The Master’s University are serious about incorporating God into all areas of...

The Master’s University

Santa Clarita, California

The Master’s University is a Christian, non-denominational, liberal arts university nestled in rustic Placerita Canyon, just 20 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The faculty are nationally recognized in their respective fields and are unique in their unified commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, the inerrancy of Scripture, and its authority over all areas of life. Some of the many advantages offered by the university are its 10:1 student-to-professor ratio, its family community, and its high academic reputation. With 13 majors and more than 55 academic programs, The Master’s University prepares students to become leaders for Christ and problem solvers in their communities and across the globe.



Student Profile

Fall 2015 Enrollment
1,133 undergraduate students
86% of undergrad students are full time
51% male 49% female
45% of students are from out of state

Faculty Profile

2015-2016 Academic Year
67 full-time faculty
171 part-time faculty
7.2 to 1 student/faculty ratio

Residence Life

Fall 2015
90% of first year students live on campus
70% of all students live on campus

School Location

The Master’s University’s 100-acre campus is located in Santa Clarita, CA, which is ranked by the FBI as one of the safest cities in the U.S. The mild Southern California climate offers many opportunities for outside activities and stimulating breaks from your academic pursuits. Within Santa Clarita, and the greater LA area, there are museums, shopping malls, theme parks, and restaurants. The nearby national forests offer hiking and biking trails and other activities. And with ocean beaches and mountain skiing less than an hour’s drive from the campus, there is something for everyone.

High-Impact Practices

Read more about the importance of High-Impact Practices

First-Year Seminars and Experiences x
Common Intellectual Experiences x
Learning Communities x
Writing-Intensive Courses x
Collaborative Assignments and Projects x
Undergraduate Research x
Diversity/Global Learning x
Service Learning, Community-Based Learning x
Internships/Coops/Practicums x
Capstone Courses and Projects/Senior Experience x

Retention Fall 2015

85% of students began in Fall 2014 and returned in Fall 2015 (full time, first time freshmen)

6 Year Graduation Rate 2015

69.2% of students graduated in 6 years


Nonresident aliens 5%
Hispanic/Latino 8%
Black or African American 3%
White 65%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
Asian 5%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 1%
Two or more races 7%
Race and/or ethnicity unknown 4%


The Master’s University participates in the GSAC, one of the most competitive conferences of the NAIA, and features 12 different Varsity Sports 

Men: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Cross Country, Track and Field-Outdoor
Women: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field-Indoor, Track and Field-Outdoor

Mascot: Mustangs
Colors: Blue/Gold

Academic Programs

Biblical Studies:

Bible, Biblical Counseling, Bible Exposition, Bible Languages, Intercultural Studies, Christian Education, Theology


Accounting, Christian Ministries Administration, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Pre-Law, Business Management, Management Information Systems, Public Relations


Electronic Media, Print Media, Speech Communication

Computer and Information Science:

Computer Science, Information Systems


History/Political Studies

American Politics, Constitutional Law, Political Theory, Church History


Pre-Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries, Coaching and Teaching

Liberal Studies:

Teacher Education


Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Pure Mathematics


Composition, Instrumental Performance, Music Education, Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Vocal Performance, Worship Music Ministries, Audio Technology


Biology, Natural History/Environmental Biology, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Allied Health, Secondary Teacher Education in Life Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology

TESOL Certification

Degree Completion


Cooperative Programs

Graduate Programs:

Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, Divinity, Teacher Credential

More Distinctions

  • In addition to being recognized as a College of Distinction, TMU has been ranked in the top 4 of Western Region Colleges by U.S. News & World Report magazine, 1st in Freshman to Sophomore retention rate, 2nd in graduation rate, 3rd in “Great schools/Great price,” 3rd in “Least debt,” and 3rd in “Peer Assessment”

  • CBS MoneyWatch listed TMU as 8th in the nation of “Best Professors”

  • TMU Athletics program ranked 6th in the NAIA Learfield Sports Director’s Cup

The Master’s University primarily strives for its students to exercise and improve their understanding of Christ and Scripture through all areas of life and academics.

Common Intellectual Experiences

The Master’s University has recently updated and improved on its core curriculum. There are 61 required units necessary for graduation. The expansive core curriculum is organized into three categories known as the Scripture Set, the Worldview Set, and the Skills Set. These classes aim to create well-rounded and mindful students.

Collaborative Assignments and Projects

Collaboration and teamwork are emphasized in many classes at The Master’s University. Professors in the Business Department are particularly known for their excellent incorporation of teams in their classes. Many courses across all fields of study develop students who are able to work and solve problems in the company of others through the use of collaborative projects and discussion-based study groups.

Undergraduate Research

Students are encouraged to pursue personalized scholarship opportunities with individual faculty in the Biological and Physical Sciences Department. A particular forte of The Master’s University is the interest and emphasis of the faculty in creation science research. Students may translate such research opportunities into academic credit toward graduation in the form of practicums in industrial settings and/or scholarly articles presented to academic and professional societies. Students also participate in scientific conferences such as the West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference to share their research with others.

Diversity/Global Learning

In addition to several opportunities to study abroad, The Master’s University is the only evangelical university with a campus in Israel, providing students with the ultimate cross-cultural experience. Studying the Bible in the land of the Bible is one of the highlights of a Master’s University education.

TMU provides numerous foreign mission trips in the summer, as well as several outreach opportunities in the local area during the school year. Recently, Global Outreach ministry teams traveled to Albania, Argentina, England, India, and the Philippines.

Every year during the Fall Semester, students and faculty also participate in Outreach Week, a time of fellowship, evangelism, and service in the Los Angeles area.  Few universities have as many students involved with missions.

Activities Offered

Campus Ministries x
Choral groups x
Concert band x
Drama/theater x
International Student Organization x
Jazz band  
Literary magazine  
Marching band  
Model UN  
Music ensembles x
Musical theater x
Opera x
Pep band  
Radio station  
Student government x
Student newspaper  
Student-run film society  
Symphony orchestra x
Television station  

Recognized nationally for their academic excellence, TMU’s professors are also known on campus as personal mentors. For them, teaching is a calling that extends beyond the parameters of a typical class setting. They pour themselves into the lives of their students, helping them grow in every way—academically, professionally, and spiritually.

The Master’s University, led by Dr. John MacArthur, is serious about empowering students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God.

First-Year Seminars and Experiences

The Master’s University understands that the first year is when a student transitions into becoming a beloved member of the university’s community. The First-Year Experience program aims at helping every student gain the most out of their college years. This effort includes the Week of Welcome orientation program, Biblical Fundamentals Course, College Life Seminars, and First-Year Leadership opportunities. These programs harmonize to give the student all the tools and opportunities to gain the most out of their time at The Master’s University.

Writing-Intensive Courses

Several majors at The Master’s University require students to comprise a final-year project which demonstrates the culmination of the students’ passion and prowess on certain competencies and skills. In the English Department, seniors must complete their Senior Thesis & Capstone Portfolio to demonstrate their ability to write on a complex literary topic, question, or issue. Other examples include Senior Recitals in the Music Department, and art and writing portfolios such as short films and stories in the Communication Department.

Common Core

Arts/fine arts x
Computer literacy x
English (including composition) x
Foreign languages  
History x
Humanities x
Mathematics x
Philosophy x
Sciences (biological or physical) x
Social science x


Other: Theology (Bible) 

Class size breakdown

Size 2-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 100+ Total
Number of Classes 115 84 36 19 13 11 3 281

Students of The Master’s University are interested in spiritual growth and academic excellence. There are many aspects of the student body that make the great, interactive community that exists on campus. The center of TMU’s campus life is chapel. Three times a week, the entire student body comes together to worship the Lord. Guest speakers from around the country are often chosen to stand at the pulpit.

The Master’s University has opportunities for involvement through major events such as Disney Day when the whole campus, students and faculty, spend a day at Disneyland together. During the week, residence life in the dorms, campus-wide activities, group Bible studies, and student led societies offer a lively and entertaining schedule for students.

When classes are out, students can take advantage of the wide array of options and opportunities that are available, living just 20 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Students are never more than an hour’s drive away from the mountain slopes and trails of Lake Arrowhead or the sands and surf of Malibu.

Learning Communities

Rigorous academic work in combination with small classes allows for students to have fellowship and learn together. The Master’s University is a collection of learning communities. With a 10:1 student/faculty ratio, many students within their respective major become part of a learning community. Small class sizes help to develop a sense of membership and shared connections among students in the same area of study. Each department of the school narrows down these groups through certain fields of study and emphases.

These learning communities are developed and defined over time as courses become more differentiated and specific for each particular major. For example, students in the Accounting Major in the Business Department enter into a smaller learning community as they begin taking classes together that are more directed towards becoming an excellent accountant. Other departments such as the Computer & Information Sciences Department develop their learning communities through the certain skills and knowledge that is relevant to what each student is interested in such as robotics courses and computer program courses.

Across all departments, students aim to learn together more about God and how they can impact others after graduating from The Master’s University.


Coed dorms  
Men’s dorms x
Women’s dorms x
Apartments for married students  
Apartments for single students  
Special housing for disabled students  
Special housing for international students  
Fraternity/sorority housing  
Cooperative housing  
Theme housing  
Wellness housing  
Other housing options  

TMU professors strive to engage their students energetically and to involve everyone in the learning process in every way possible. You won’t be expected to merely absorb lecture material and regurgitate it on exams. Respected as an intelligent thinking adult, you’ll be asked to participate in conversation with your professors about theological issues, historical questions, philosophical problems, practical life issues, mathematical conundrums, and aesthetic experiences.

Employers love TMU graduates because they know how to solve problems in the workplace. Similarly, students of The Master’s University who choose to go on to Graduate School are accepted at a rate of 98%. TMU Alumni also participate in a growing alumni association known as Master’s Connect.

Service Learning, Community-Based Learning

Students at The Master’s University are familiar with the need of service in the community. Los Angeles provides interesting opportunities for students to serve and learn in the community. School clubs such as the Evangelism Society organizes student volunteers who wish to practice and receive evangelism training. The university also has a promoted week of service in the Fall Semester known as Outreach Week.

Outreach Week is a five-day ministry exposure program designed to familiarize TMU students with local churches. Classes are cancelled and students break up into small volunteer teams that travel to churches and other Christian organizations for ministry opportunities and evangelism outreach.


Internships and other similar opportunities are highly recommended for students of The Master’s University. An internship is a limited (usually 2-3 months), one-time work or service experience in a career field. Internships take place under the supervision of a practicing professional, with a specific learning agenda designed to give a student exposure and experience to prepare the student to enter that field. Internships are posted at the Student Career Center for students to take advantage of.

Capstone Courses and Projects/Senior Experience

Capstone courses and senior projects are common in majors at The Master’s University. Capstone courses are meant to finalize preparation of the student’s curriculum portfolio and to measure the student’s academic achievement in that particular field.  All business majors must pass their respective capstone course during their senior year. Students in the Music Department each have a Senior Recital, a graded performance of the culmination of their technique and skill on a particular instrument. Similarly, students involved in film in the Communications Department have a course that requires them to use their experiences and knowledge from their other courses to write and direct a short film.


Admissions Fall 2015

599 Total Applicants
463 Total Admissions
201 Total Freshmen Enrollment

77.30% of applicants admitted

Admissions Deadlines for 2016-17 Admission

Rolling Admission? No

Application closing date (fall): November 15th
Priority date: March 2nd

The Master’s College will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after our priority deadline

Admissions Factors

Very Important
Standardized test scores
Application Essay
Religious affiliation/commitment
Level of applicant’s interest

Rigor of secondary school record
Class rank
Academic GPA
Extracurricular activities
Character/personal qualities
Volunteer work
Work experience

First generation
Alumni/ae relation

Freshmen Profile Fall 2015

  25th Percentile 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading 480 620
SAT Math 480 590
SAT Writing 480 600
SAT Essay    
ACT Composite 21 27
ACT Math 19 26
ACT English 21 28
ACT Writing    


Net Price Calculator


Tuition $31,550
Fees $210
Total $31,760
Room and Board (on campus) $10,300
Room Only $5,800
Board Only $4,500
Estimated Total On Campus $42,060


Average Financial Aid Packages 2014-2015 Final

$23,077 First year students
$21,332 All undergrads

Financial Aid Breakdown 2014-2015 Final

64% on average, the percentage of need that was met
15% of financial need students that had need fully met

$17,321 Average need-based scholarship or grant award
$4,350 Average need-based loan

“The value of seeing Christ alive in our kids has no comparison. We would think any parent would pay any price for that.” – Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zeller (Parents of two TMU students)

It is no secret that tuition prices at private universities have been on the rise over the last decade. TMU offers an education worthy of such a significant investment. And while secular education is designed to question and deconstruct religion, here students’ faith will be built up and solidified in the truth.

In today’s society, The Master’s University believes the fusion of biblical truth and academic excellence one can find here is more valuable than ever; and they want to share in that investment. The Master’s University’s generous scholarships & grants represent their commitment to this partnership.

TMU does its best to make a private education available to every student who desires to grow spiritually and academically, regardless of their financial status.

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