Lubbock Christian University
"LCU has a unique environment of student success from academics, field opportunities, and research,...

Lubbock Christian University

Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Christian University is committed to educating leaders whose lives will have a lasting effect on their family, church, community, and jobs. This commitment becomes obvious after spending some time on the LCU campus, however it is not easily explained in written word. Perhaps the spirit of LCU can best be seen in an excerpt taken from an unsolicited article in the student newspaper.


“LCU is a unique, Christian environment where I feel loved and challenged to grow spiritually, mentally, and socially. The friendly small college environment allows me to get to know many of the faculty, professors, and students. I enjoy a small discussion environment in class, as well as seeing my friends often around campus. LCU is devoted to not only preparing students to learn in college and succeed in the job market, but also nurture a relationship with God. It truly is an amazing place to learn, grow, and prepare.”

            -Senior LCU student Kendall McCullough

Student Profile

1,902 undergraduate students (36% male, 64% female); 44 states, 16 countries.

Faculty Profile

101 full-time faculty
85 part-time faculty
12/1 student/faculty ratio

Residence Life

36% of the students live in college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing and 64% of students live off campus.

School Location

Lubbock, Texas


Athletic Division – NCAA Div. II members of the Heartland Conference

LCU boasts 27 national championships in team and individual sports including the 1983 National Baseball Champions, 2008 National Softball Champions, and the 2009 National Baseball Champions.

Varsity sports
Men’s: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer
Women’s: basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, volleyball

Mascot: Chaparral
Colors: Royal Blue and White

Other Information

Lubbock Christian University is a private four-year comprehensive institution that promotes unique educational opportunities with a strategic focus on student success in four key areas: spiritual formation, intellectual growth, personal stewardship and leadership development.  Degree programs are offered for both bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.   Since its founding in 1957 with Church of Christ affiliation, the school offers academic excellence in a Christian environment to all people, regardless of their denominational affiliation.

Academic Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Programs: Agriculture, Art Education, Behavioral Sciences, Bible, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communication Design, Criminal Justice, Digital Media Arts, Education, Engineering, Exercise and Sports Sciences, History, Humanities, Information Systems and Technology, Leadership Communication, Mathematics, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Music, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Organizational Communication, Organizational Management and Leadership, Social Work, Theater Education, Youth and Family Ministry

More Distinctions

  • LCU is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees; by the Texas Education Agency – State Board for Educator Certification; by the Council on Social Work Education; and by the National League for Nursing.

  • In 1998 Lubbock Christian University was among six Texas schools to be named to the Templeton Honor Roll of Character Building Colleges.  This honor roll is a listing of schools that encourage the development of strong moral character among students.

  • In 2002, Lubbock Christian University was named a “NAIA Champion of Character Institution.”  This award is given to schools which are considered role models of the NAIA’s core character values and impact the culture of sport in our community.  Since that time LCU athletics have received the award numerous times.

  • In the fall of 2004, Lubbock Christian University was ranked 18th among western region comprehensive baccalaureate institutions in the US & News Report Best Colleges magazine.

  • In the summer and fall of 2002, LCU hosted the Khirbet Iskander Archaeology Exhibit and lecture series which brought to Lubbock artifacts from circa 2500 BC Canaan during the time of Abraham as well as world renowned Biblical archaeologists.

  • Texas Rangers pro-baseball player Josh Hamilton came to LCU in February 2011 as the keynote for an athletic fund raiser.

  • LCU is a catalyst in Lubbock for implementing practices that are ecologically friendly and meet voluntary requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council.  The newest building on campus, the Cardwell Welcome Center, was awarded platinum certification ranking from the U.S. Green Building Council in the fall of 2011.  At that time there were 260 new construction projects in Texas through the USGBC and only 11 qualified for platinum certification, which is the highest certification ranking available.

  • In 2014 LCU was recognized in six categories of great colleges to work for: Confidence in Senior Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Professional/Career-Development Programs, Respect and Appreciation, Supervisor or Department Chair Relationship, and Work/Life Balance 

  • Designated as one of the Military Friendly schools of 2014

  • LCU offers an Honor's program and a D.C. internship program which works in conjunction with our Honors program. Our honors program has grown over 70% in the past 7 years. The D.C internship program has placed 47 students with internships up to date. 

  • In 2013 LCU received the honor of 2013 Private University of the Year.

  • In October 2014 LCU hosted the Third Annual Lanier Theological Library Lectures. The exhibit contained facsimiles and an original fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of over 900 “biblical” manuscripts and “non-biblical” manuscripts found near the site of Qumran, north of the Dead Sea, between 1948 and 1956.

  • In 2014 LCU hosted the Annual Writing Carnival. The theme was Shakespeare's Star Wars. Students participated in a twenty-four hour reading of the text, manning and writing at booths (picture caption, Haiku, 5 word contest, etc.), dressing up in costumes, and other fun activities throughout the Writing Carnival week.

  • LCU is a catalyst in Lubbock for implementing practices that are ecologically friendly and meet voluntary requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council.  The newest building on campus, the Cardwell Welcome Center, was awarded platinum certification ranking from the U.S. Green Building Council in the fall of 2011.  At that time there were 260 new construction projects in Texas through the USGBC and only 11 qualified for platinum certification, which is the highest certification ranking available.

Engaged Students

Lubbock Christian University offers students many options to be engaged with the university and our community. Study abroad, mission trips, honors programs, and undergraduate research opportunities are available just like many other respected universities. However, student engagement is a serious point of distinction for LCU. Students who are the first in their family to attend college, students with financial hardship, and students with either learning or physical disabilities are given the opportunity to join a program called “Flight Plan.” This program offers qualified students to receive a “navigator” to help them succeed while making their experience at LCU a “Life changing journey,” as one Flight Plan student described it.

Finding ways to be engaged with your education at LCU is not difficult. The difficulty lies not in trying to find opportunities, but in choosing one of the many opportunities that LCU offers. 

Great Teaching

Today maybe more than ever before, it is critical to know that students are being taught by professors who are not only highly qualified to teach, but equally important is to be under the instruction of an innovative professor. At LCU it is clear that the faculty achieve and go above the standard of academics and credentials at the highest levels. You will also find a faculty that is innovative and open to techniques that enhance learning during this age of technology. It may sound counterintuitive, but the LCU faculty believe that effective use of technology begins with developing individual relationships with their students, and they pride themselves in their ability to do just that. Using technologically advanced devices in the classroom levels the playing field between the most outgoing and the most reserved student. A professor may pose a question to the class and ask for an immediate reaction. If the question is multiple choice, the students all select their answers and in real time the answers begin to appear on the screen. They can analyze the response data quickly in charts and percentages to see how they responded as a class.

LCU professors take a personal interest in the success of each of their students, adding to LCU’s distinctiveness. However, when a undergraduate student does undergraduate research with a professor, that working relationship moves from teacher/student into what could be termed professional colleagues.  All LCU students have the opportunity to conduct research normally done by graduate students. A variety of LCU academic disciplines encourage research projects that engage the student and brings their education to life. 

Each spring hundreds of students, faculty and staff take part in the LCU Scholars Colloquium, making presentations on research projects that have been conducted during the academic year.  They range from “Microbial survey of West Texas well water in relation to storm run-off and the influence of migratory birds” to “Ennui, censure and revelation in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.”

Students have the opportunity to work in important lab projects, to do adventurous field work, and to work with historic documents and artifacts, depending on their particular field of study.

Vibrant Communities

At Lubbock Christian University spiritual development is understood to be as important as academics or physical conditioning. Each Monday through Thursday students meet together in chapel to hear encouraging and dynamic speakers challenge them.

Each spring, LCU hosts an interdisciplinary forum to promote and highlight original scholarship. The colloquium is held as an academic conference with breakout presentations. LCU students, faculty, and staff present and field questions from the audience. Research posters are displayed with a session for informal questions.

Because LCU is located in Lubbock, Texas, the private university benefits from a city that is immersed in academic opportunities. Texas Tech University, South Plains College and Wayland Baptist all join Lubbock Christian University in providing a wide variety of academic seminars, museums, libraries, theatre productions and much more.


One Saturday each spring LCU students, faculty and staff spread across the Lubbock community to volunteer and work in multiple service projects organized and led by students. This day-long event is sponsored by the Inter Club Council (ICC) and aims to unite all social clubs under the goal of showing Christ to the community. Collide projects change each year and might include serving the homeless, volunteering at area nursing homes, preparing food for Angel Food Ministries or working at the South Plains Food Bank Farm.

U Can Share Canned Food Drive

Each year Lubbock Christian University challenges its faculty staff and students in a community-wide effort to feed the needy and hungry of Lubbock and the South Plains region of Texas. In a single day of outreach to the underserved in the local community LCU students combined to work 1500 service hours.

Social clubs and student organizations compete for the honor of representing LCU and appearing on live television as they present the donated pallets of food to the South Plains Food Bank.

Volunteer Opportunities

The generosity of LCU students is known throughout the area and many organizations will present opportunities for you to donate your time and energy. Some of the organizations LCU students are involved with include:

  • Texas Boys Ranch
  • Children’s Home of Lubbock 
  • Carpenters Church
  • Eastern European Mission 
  • English Language Institute/Camp China 
  • Summer and Spring Break Mission experiences

Successful Outcomes

With more than 35 undergraduate majors, a Scholars Colloquium, and an Honors College, LCU has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Top 20 Comprehensive College in the Western Region.

In 2013 LCU had…

  • 100% pharmacy school acceptance rate for graduate applicants
  • 100% of Education majors graduate and find work right out of college.
  • 4 out of 5 applicants accepted into Veterinarian School at Texas A&M University on their first application.  LCU currently has graduates in veterinary school at Texas A&M University, Oklahoma State University, and Royal Veterinary College in London, England.
  • Above average pass rate for the social license exam, at75%.
  • Lubbock Christian University provides students with career fairs, internships, a career services office, free seminars teaching interview skills, business lunch etiquette and dress for success.
  • Students leave equipped for their career, and enjoy the benefit of continuing career services offered for alumni of LCU.

Admissions and Financial Aid

2013-2014: $9,700 tuition/required fees per semester for full-time load of 12-18 semester hours

Approximately 90% of students receive financial aid

Lubbock Christian University is open to all persons regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, or disabled condition who are otherwise eligible for admission as students. In all of the educational programs and activities of Lubbock Christian University, the students are treated without discrimination in their participation.

Beginning freshmen and transfer students must apply by June 1st for summer or fall entry and December 1st for spring entry.  Applications received after the deadline will be considered if space allows. Admitted freshmen must confirm their intention to enroll by remitting a non-refundable $200 tuition advance, which will be applied to the initial tuition bill. Deadlines for remittance of the tuition advance are June 1st for summer or fall entry, December 1st for spring entry, or prior to registration, whichever comes first. Students accepted after the deadline must remit the tuition advance within two weeks of the date of the acceptance letter or prior to registration, whichever comes first. Documents establishing eligibility for admission must be official.

The university may exercise due diligence and deny admission to otherwise qualified individuals who have a history that indicates their presence might endanger members of the university community.  A composite score of 18 or higher on the ACT or a total score of 860 or higher on the SAT critical reading and math sections is required for unconditional admission.  A score between 15 and 17 on the ACT or 710-850 on the combined score for critical reading and math on the SAT could lead to conditional admission.

Lubbock Christian University offers academic scholarships based upon ACT or SAT scores.  There are also numerous institutional scholarships to include athletics, music, band, Christian school graduates, home school graduates, and others too numerous to list.  There are potential discounts for students whose parents are working in Christian Schools or Academia and serving as a foreign missionary. Students pursuing a degree in the Bible Department are eligible to apply for a 50% student discount.



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