Illinois College
"Illinois College, a small residential Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts college, offers an exceptional...
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Illinois College

Jacksonville, Illinois

For over 180 years, Illinois College has prepared young men and women for lives of leadership and service. With a remarkable academic program, extracurricular opportunities and outstanding facilities, Illinois College represents one of the best values in higher education today.



With an enrollment of 1,000, Illinois College launches students into thriving careers through a demanding curriculum of more than 45 majors and interdisciplinary programs in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The college’s 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures focus on and comprehensive guidance for each student. A rich array of experiential learning opportunities including Study Abroad, student-faculty research, internships, community service projects and Division III athletics complement the academic program. The unique college-funded BreakAway program enables students to travel and study in the U.S. and beyond. Students discover their talents at Illinois College, and graduates carry with them skills that enable success anywhere in the world.



Student Profile

1,000 students. 33 states and 18 countries. 29% students of color. 50% male and 50% female.

Faculty Profile

No teaching assistants in the classroom. 81 full-time professors, 18 part-time.
11:1 student to faculty ratio.
90% of classes are capped at fewer than 30 students. Only 2% of courses allow 50 or more students.

Residence Life

84% of students live on campus. Housing options include traditional residence hall rooms, suites, apartments and theme houses.

School Location

Jacksonville, Illinois. Located in the heart of the state, Illinois College sits less than two hours northeast of Saint Louis, Missouri, four hours from both Chicago and Indianapolis and just 30 minutes from the state capitol of Springfield.


llinois College offers 20 NCAA Division III teams within the Midwest Conference.

Colors: True Blue and White

Mascot: Blueboys and Lady Blues. The term Blueboy refers to a soldier in the Union Army, a role filled by 240 Illinois College students during the Civil War. The College’s rich history includes ties to Abraham Lincoln, the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad. The entire senior class of 1863 enlisted and Illinois College recognizes those soldiers who fought and died in the war by using “Blueboy” as the school’s official mascot.

Other Information

Illinois College is a private, Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts college, founded in 1829.

  • An education at Illinois College incorporates more than lectures, labs, papers and projects. The College believes in the value of a broad, immersive experience where students learn to connect information across disciplines, allowing true discovery and innovation to flourish.
  • 100% of Illinois College students engage in experiential learning that puts theory into practice. Students apply what they learn in internships, research projects with faculty, service learning or study abroad. The point is, by the time Illinois College graduates reach for their diplomas, there is a lot of ink on their résumés.
  • Eighty-four percent of Illinois College students live on campus, which means students stay engaged in campus life and activities long after classes are done for the day.
  • Washington Monthly ranks Illinois College third in the nation for community service participation and hours served among liberal arts colleges.  At Illinois College, service isn’t just a past-time; it’s woven into the fabric of the community.

Academics sit at the heart of a college education and Illinois College offers a liberal arts experience with nationally renowned scholars committed to teaching. Professors passionate about their academic disciplines foster in students a desire for learning that extends far beyond their college years. The personal touch to education pervades all offices and services at the College.

  • The new BLUEprint general education program embeds experiences in courses you would take anyway so instead of dealing with a to-do list of classes, Illinois College students find writing, speaking, ethics, diversity and community engagement within the classes they want to take. Plus, the College utilizes research on the skills and qualities employers seek when designing the BLUEprint so that everything you take will prepare you to land your first job and continue climbing.  These courses prepare students to think broadly, identify and solve problems, communicate effectively and navigate a changing world.
  • In each of the 45 majors and programs, Illinois College prepares students to succeed. The College’s 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures intense focus on and comprehensive guidance for each student.
  • Over 90% of the classes you take at Illinois College will have 30 or fewer students in them. Only 2% of all classes taught at the College hold more than 50, which means students have a chance to ask questions and discuss issues with their professors and with each other.  No matter the size, professors lead each class. No teaching assistants or graduate students means you have the attention of people dedicated to their field with professional experience and scholarly research supporting what they teach.
  • Students discover their talents at Illinois College, and graduates carry with them skills that enable success anywhere in the world. The First-Year Seminar teacher, a student’s earliest advisor, and their major advisor, will guide them through their academic decisions. This means that faculty members get to know students’ strengths, goals and hopes. Each year at graduation, students comment on how their relationships with the faculty made their time at Illinois College meaningful and enriching. Whether it was an engaging discussion in the classroom, personalized advising, collaborating on research or simply time shared with faculty in the coffee shop, students agree that an excellent and student-focused faculty define the Illinois College experience.


The educational experience of Illinois College does not stop when students leave the classroom but acts as a beginning. In fact, there are so many out-of-class learning opportunities at Illinois College that students quickly discover that it would be impossible to participate in all of them. Illinois College offers:

  • Community involvement and service learning. In fact, Washington Monthly ranked Illinois College third for service among national liberal arts colleges.
  • Convocation speaker series that brings authors, artists, activists, athletes (you get the picture) each week and students earn credit toward graduation for attending.
  • IC Connections freshman and transfer student orientation lasts an entire semester so students find their fit into the community.
  • Over 80 student organizations, clubs, ensembles and teams mean that no matter what you’re interested in, Illinois College offers something for everyone.
  • The Leadership Program transcends majors to offer Leadership Fellows a certificate and specialized training through coursework, service and mentorship.
  • The Center for Student Involvement and Student Activities Board sponsor events so movies, ski trips, comedians and bands keep students busy every weekend.
  • Literary Societies, similar to fraternities and sororities, include literary, fraternal and social activities in one organization. Illinois College began establishing these societies in 1843 and remains one of the only colleges in the country to continue the historic tradition.


  • Nearly 100% of graduates are either employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation.
  • 62% of the Class of 2014 had already accepted a job or were enrolled in continuing education for fall before graduation.
  • 98% of Illinois College graduates believe their communication skills and problem solving abilities are equally as or more proficient than their colleagues.
  • Whether working at a Fortune 500 company or volunteering in the Peace Corps, Illinois College graduates generously give back to the College. Over 25% of alumni donate money annually (more than double the national average) and return to campus regularly for networking events, Homecoming and as guest lecturers in classes.

Apply for admission

Students interested in an engaging, challenging, personalized education should:

Apply for admission                                       

  • Submit a free application for admission at or
  • Provide an official high school transcript along with a Secondary School Report completed by your high school counselor
  • Consider sending ACT and/or SAT scores. Illinois College operates test optional admission. Students wishing to include their scores in the application should submit them to the Office of Admission.

Application review begins immediately upon receiving a complete application for admission. Decisions are mailed on a rolling basis beginning in October of a student’s senior year.   


Automatic consideration for academic scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $18,000 takes place for all admitted students and notification of your scholarship is included in your letter of admission. Merit scholarships are awarded on the basis of a student’s overall academic record, standardized test results if included, and personal involvement in both school and the community.

Top students who apply by December 1 may be invited to compete for full-tuition scholarships at Trustee Scholars Weekend in February.

Need Based Aid

Students who file the FAFSA will be considered for institutional need-based financial aid. This year, Illinois College invested over $15 million in our students in the form of grants and scholarships, and over 98% of students received aid that does not have to be repaid. Students should plan to file the FAFSA by January 31 of their senior year for full consideration.

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