Colorado Christian University
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Colorado Christian University

Lakewood, Colorado

Colorado Christian University is a premier institution of higher education with a whole hearted, and whole campus commitment to the Christian faith. The University’s primary goal is to produce graduates who think critically, live faithfully, and impact effectively their sphere of influence. With the steadfast commitment by a dedicated faculty, hardworking administration, and students who hunger for academic and Biblical learning, CCU is in a class of its own.


The mission of the University is centered on four main pillars:


Christ-centered community

Our community of interdependent students, faculty, and staff seeks to honor and obey Jesus Christ, who is present in Spirit and speaks in Scripture, and to advance God’s purposes in the lives of every member.

Exemplary academics
Our undergraduate and graduate curriculum integrates faith and learning in a scholarly environment that fosters critical and creative thinking, academic excellence, and professional competence.

Spiritual formation
Our academic and student development programs cultivate a deep and enduring faith that affirms the authority of Scripture and embraces Christ as the authentic center of life.

Engagement with the world
Our students experience and engage the world in ways that prepare leaders to serve and transform their professions, churches, and communities.



Student Profile

1,040 Traditional Undergraduate Students
42% out-of-state and 58% in-state

Faculty Profile

46 full time faculty members, including 4 Fulbright Scholars
8:1 faculty to student ratio
Average Class Size: 14 students within the major

Residence Life

60% of students live on campus

School Location

Lakewood, CO


NCAA Division II in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC), as well as NCCAA sports

Men’s Varsity:

Women’s Varsity:

*Varsity and Junior Varsity

Mascot: Cougars
Colors: Navy Blue and Gold

Other Information

Colorado Christian University is a 4-year, private Christian university and Liberal Arts College, founded in 1914

Student Leadership and Discipleship

CCU students strive to be better leaders. They live up to a higher standard. They get outside their comfort zones and push their limits. They don’t just talk about service and ministry…they actually do it. Nearly everything on campus is student-led; students initiate and coordinate ministries, clubs, study groups, discipleship groups, and countless other organizations. There are over 200 student leadership positions on campus.

Discipleship groups (D-Groups) at CCU provide freshmen with the chance to get to know other students on a deeply spiritual level. They offer a consistent community for encouragement, accountability, and support. They’re also a safe place to ask questions in a small group, share prayer requests, and become actively engaged in one another’s spiritual lives. Ultimately, each group’s focus is to grow closer to the Lord while growing closer to one another by building authentic relationships.


CCU competes in the NCAA Division-II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. This is one of the toughest in the nation, and our athletes play to win. Most of all we desire to honor God, our Audience of One. This includes serving others beyond the court and plays out in each competition as we fuse intense effort with Christ-like character that makes fans and competitors stop to consider. To check out our athletics department and various sports teams, visit

Clubs, Organizations, and Ministries

CCU offers its students many ways to get involved spiritually, academically, and physically without stepping off campus. Put your heart, mind, and hands to work outside of the classroom and help make a difference. CCU offers more than 20 different clubs, organizations, and ministries to be a part of. All of which are student initiated and led. There is something for everybody when it comes to on-campus opportunities. To learn more, visit


Professors at CCU bring decades of professional experience into the classroom and take one-on-one time to understand what makes you tick. Students then go further- literally- by volunteering, interning, and studying abroad. CCU’s small classes that are centered on real- world perspectives and are grounded in real-world experience expand your understanding of what this world needs, and how God’s preparing you for it.

The average CCU class size within the major is 14, which means personalized attention in every class. Our professors hold degrees from universities like Bucknell, Claremont, Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, and seminaries including Asbury and Fuller. And four CCU professors have been Fulbright Scholars. Students get one-on-one instruction from our most seasoned scholars.

Annually, CCU draws nationally renowned authors and speakers such as Franklin Graham, Sarah Palin, Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Michele Bachmann, and Greg Steir to present on campus for special CCU student and community events. Great teaching at CCU goes beyond the classroom.


CCU students are notorious for being real and wanting to get involved in each other’s lives. It’s hard to walk past someone on campus without exchanging a hello or a warm smile. That’s something most colleges lack—a sense of unity. Plus, CCU’s on campus apartments, leadership opportunities, and student activities are designed to foster close community and self-awareness. This is a campus where people are passionate about pursuing Christ and growing each other.


Real growth requires going beyond campus, so why fence yourself in? CCU’s not on a far-removed, pristine plot of land. Instead, we’re sandwiched 15 minutes between Denver and the Rocky Mountains, smack in the middle of a diverse urban scene and world-renowned back country. Come live where the opportunity to serve God and to seek adventure intersects.

Spiritual Formation

CCU is the real deal: a campus body that reflects on the heart of Christ’s message—that explores the controversial questions—in order to live right in our character, community, and calling just as much as in everyday small things. CCU helps students develop a confident, authentic faith that shapes every part of their lives.

Missions and Ministry

Wherever God takes you in life, your ability to influence others is rooted in your experiences serving them. CCU’s local ministries and global mission trips are a great place to start. Broaden your view of God’s people, His creation, and how He wants to use your time and talents to make a tangible difference.


The unique combination of classroom learning, student service, and spiritual formation create a transformational education that produces graduates who think critically and creatively. CCU educates future leaders with high ethical and professional standards; who embody the character and compassion of Jesus Christ, and who are prepared to impact the world.

CCU students have interned with corporations, museums, nonprofits, humanitarian groups, health care centers, ministries, camps, shelters, and other organizations around the world—and many have gone on to careers in those fields. CCU alumni have attended graduate schools such as Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, NYU, Tulane, Vanderbilt, the universities of Chicago and Oxford, and numerous seminaries.

Costs and Aid

$33,510/year Comprehensive Tuition
$23,520 Tuition
$9,640 Room and Board
$350 Student Body Fees

Almost $24 million dollars in financial aid is distributed to all CCU students.
95% of students qualify for some form of financial aid

CCU’s Hannah Rapoport Named All-American


After leading the Colorado Christian University Cougars to the NCAA tournament in the inaugural season of softball at the school, Hannah Rapoport has been named a First Team All-American by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association....