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8 Great Reasons to Consider a Gap Year

gap year

The gap year—taking a year off between high school and college—has recently come back into vogue. The idea of a taking a sabbatical of self-exploration first became popular in the 1970s, but this new generation of...

9 Tips to Help with Your College Applications

college applications

College applications take time, and they should! After diligent research to find the colleges and universities where you can study, learn and grow for the next four years, it’s now time to explain to the...

A New Kind of College Entrance Exam


You’re sitting in an unfamiliar classroom surrounded by nervous students just like you—pencils click incessantly, eyes shift to the clock every few minutes, erasers scrape against scantrons. You stare down at your test. You’re being...

Financial Aid Terms Defined

financial aid terms

Paying for college can be confusing if you don’t understand the terminology. Below are some helpful definitions to common financial aid terms. Bursar A college office that handles both the distribution of financial aid and...

SAT and ACT Study Tips


The SAT and ACT are more similar than you might think. There are minor differences between the two tests; the ACT has a science section and the SAT has a math section that doesn’t allow...

Social Media and Your College Search

social media college search

Almost every college is building virtual communities through social media. As you conduct your search, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the school, admissions counselors, prospective and current students, even alumni. You can...

Things I Forgot to Bring to College


I thought I lived a simple life. I thought I’d grown to be perfectly minimalistic, impervious to the petty evils of material things. I thought I was all set to move to school with little...