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6 Tips for Presenting your Activity Résumé

activity résumé

The activity résumé is a great opportunity for you to explain important activities and accomplishments to admissions committees. By offering concrete information about yourself in a concise form, you seem more real and more interesting...

8 Great Reasons to Consider a Gap Year

gap year

The gap year—taking a year off between high school and college—has recently come back into vogue. The idea of a taking a sabbatical of self-exploration first became popular in the 1970s, but this new generation of...

9 Tips to Help with Your College Applications

college applications

College applications take time, and they should! After diligent research to find the colleges and universities where you can study, learn and grow for the next four years, it’s now time to explain to the...

A College Education is a Solid Investment

college education solid investment

Despite the rising cost of higher education and what many reports would have us believe, investing in a college education remains a solid, profitable investment. Students who take out loans to pay for college have...

Finding the Four Distinctions on Your College Visit

four distinctions

The Four Distinctions There are so many pieces of information that bombard you when you’re researching a college! From intramurals to quantum physics, it’s hard to prioritize what’s important about a campus. Keeping the Four...

Helping Students and Parents


Where do you begin? Are you a new college counselor and are not sure where to start? Are you a veteran looking to enhance your current college guidance program? Or, maybe you stepped into a...

High Impact Practices – the Keys to Your Future


When I was in college, I studied abroad, spending 12 months in South America. The experience completely changed my attitude about why I was in college, what college was for, who I was, and what...

High-Impact Educational Practices


Taken from High-Impact Educational Practices: A Brief Overview The following teaching and learning practices have been widely tested and have been shown to be beneficial for college students from many backgrounds. These practices take many...

Making the Most of College Fairs


The possibilities! The buzz and hum! People going every which way with smiles and expectations! It’s a college fair, and it could prove to be a very valuable step toward realizing your dreams of finding...

Myths in the College Search Process

myths college search

One of the biggest challenges for counselors is helping students really match their interests to the colleges that suit them best. Students often rule out schools too early in the process, thanks to myths in...

Relevant and Raw: Global Education Helps Reinvent Higher Ed


Is higher education in danger of becoming irrelevant? It has been suggested that colleges and universities are not adapting to the needs and pace of the world. The IBM Institute for Business Value calls upon...

SAT and ACT Study Tips


The SAT and ACT are more similar than you might think. There are minor differences between the two tests; the ACT has a science section and the SAT has a math section that doesn’t allow...

Social Media and Your College Search

social media college search

Almost every college is building virtual communities through social media. As you conduct your search, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the school, admissions counselors, prospective and current students, even alumni. You can...

What Is College Today?


Higher education in the 21st century is a rapidly changing landscape. New technologies, shifting economic realities, and a boom in the college-aged population have altered a world that was once a bastion of predictable traditions....

Which is Right for You: SAT or ACT?


There are many factors that colleges look at when deciding if an applicant is a good fit for acceptance. Colleges look at GPA, class ranking, individual grades, social involvement, and of course, ACT and SAT...